Top Ten Devonte M. Wilson Workouts

The internet is full of workout videos. Many people post videos in hopes of becoming famous. However, few ever reach stardom. This isn’t the case for Devonte Wilson. The Kansas University student has been working out for 11 years, and it shows. His workouts have gone viral. And they are absolutely nuts.

Here’s a look at his 10 most insane workouts.

  1. Backflip Burpees

Ever add burpees into your routine? If you do, you may want to up your game after seeing Wilson completing his. Why? He does backflips between each burpee. If you do try this routine, please have a workout buddy with you to help prevent injury.

  1. 450-Pound Plank

Planks are hard enough as it is. They whip your abs into shape but are difficult to accomplish correctly. Wilson ups the ante as he performs planks with 450 pounds on his back. He also performs squats with added weight on bosu balls. It’s pretty clear Devonte doesn’t mess around.

  1. Backflips and Jumps

Doing a backflip is hard enough. As Devonte pulls off numerous backflips in the video, he also accomplishes some jaw-dropping jumps over numerous objects and people. He regularly clears people who look 6-feet or taller. He doesn’t even graze a hair on their head. It’s astounding, and some special effects from Whistle Sports makes it even cooler.

  1. Jumping and Keeping Balance

It’s one thing for Wilson to hurdle over human beings who are standing straight up. It’s quite another to jump onto a stack of boxes that look to easily be 7-feet tall and stay up there. Devonte does this with ease, as you can see in the video.

  1. Underwater Treadmill

Running is a great way to increase your cardio. It gets the heart pumping and increases the strength in your legs. Looking for a tougher run? Do it underwater. Wilson is seen in this video running on an underwater treadmill at both 6 mph and 10 mph.

  1. Weighted Jump Squats

It’s difficult for most people to do a squat with a small amount of weight. Now, imagine you have 315 and 405 pounds weighing down on your back. Devonte takes on this challenge and passes the test with flying colors.

  1. Jumping Onto Weights

Devonte amazes yet again. This time, he’s leaping onto a stack of weights as well as regularly clearing stacked objects that easily dwarf his own height.

  1. Various Athletic Feats

This video serves more as an impressive highlight reel than anything else. In the video, Devonte performs an array of athletic challenges. The video starts off with Wilson jumping out of a pool and onto the pool’s edge. Another portion of the video showcases his insane athletic ability as he performs a weighted squat as he jumps onto a stack of weights. He also lifts 200-plus pounds with the addition of two people sitting on the weight bars.

  1. Long-Distance Jumping

One of Devonte’s most impressive abilities is his innate ability to jump a ridiculously long way. In the video, Devonte does just this. He jumps what looks to be about nine or ten feet with ease.

  1. 95-Pound Pistol Front Squat

Many types of squats exist in the fitness world. However, performing a pistol squat while holding 95 pounds in your arms has to take the cake as one of the hardest. Wilson looks as though he’s concentrating as he pulls off the awe-inspiring feat.

Devonte M. Wilson is a man who works hard. He has put in the work every day for the past 10 years. If you want to achieve your dreams, follow in the footsteps of Devonte Wilson. Work hard every day. Not for them. But for you.