NFL Hot Takes: 2016 Week 10

Arizona Cardinals: Congrats guys – you beat one of the worst teams in the NFL with a last second field goal… at home… Until the Cardinals beat a quality opponent, I will continue to clown on them.

Atlanta Falcons: Just when you’re ready to concede that maybe the Falcons are good, they go out and give up over 200 yards on the ground and lose. I guess offense isn’t everything huh guys?

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens actually have a decent defense when you consider that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed aren’t the cornerstones on that side of the football anymore. But you also have to remember that the Browns can make anyone look good.

Buffalo Bills: BYE WEEK

Carolina Panthers: Carolina just had their momentum stripped from them – much like Kelvin Benjamin had the ball stripped from him on their final drive. Crazy to see how things come together like that.

Chicago Bears: The Bears most effective play last week was the Hail Mary to end the half. It kinda makes you wonder if they should just run that play like 20 times a game for the rest of the season. It can’t get any worse for them, right?

Cincinnati Bengals: Everyone talks about how small the windows are for teams to make a championship run. I guess the Bengals were able to keep theirs open longer by not actually winning playoff games, but it looks like it’s officially closing now. This team doesn’t do much well despite having AJ Green.

Cleveland Browns: Every time I watch the Browns, I get angry that I actually taking 13% of my day, 2% of my week, and 0.03% of my year to watch them… and I haven’t found anything better to fill the time.

Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott isn’t “leaving any meat on the bone” so to speak. He is breaking the big plays when they are there and getting positive yardage even when it isn’t. This guy is unbelievable.

Denver Broncos: The Broncos survived another week without Aqib Talib, but there has to be some concern. The defense forced four turnovers and STILL needed a blocked PAT returned for a touchdown to win the game. Siemian is not the answer at QB.

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Detroit Lions: BYE WEEK

Green Bay Packers: You really can’t let anyone hang 47 on you, much less the Titans. McCarthy claims he is a successful coach, but if you really take a close look, it seems like over the years the Packers have won in-spite of him as opposed to winning because of him.

Houston Texans: I don’t know why, but the Texans seem to be involved in the least memorable games each and every week. Maybe that’s because their starting quarterback wasn’t even able to throw for 100 yards. Whatever. They won. Next.

Indianapolis Colts: BYE WEEK

Jacksonville Jaguars: Analysts like to harp on the fact that Blake Bortles has thrown a historically low number of first quarter touchdowns in his career. So what does he do? He throws a first quarter touchdown. Unfortunately it was a pick six.

Kansas City Chiefs: On one hand, the slow starts haven’t prevented the Chiefs from posting the best record in the AFC. On the other hand, there’s no way that a good team would actually let KC come back from 17 down. The verdict? We don’t really know what to think about this team.

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams have a better record in games where they don’t score a touchdown (2-1) than in games where they do (2-4). Maybe Fisher factored this into his decision to start Jared Goff this week.

Miami Dolphins: Very quietly, the Dolphins have won four in a row and are above .500 for the first time since 1972. Kidding, but it seems like it’s been that long. Funny what happens when you don’t rely on Tannehill to win you games.

Minnesota Vikings: From 5-0 to 5-4. Oddly enough, nothing has really changed in Minnesota from the first 5 games to the last 4. It just seems like the Vikings are regressing towards the mean – and doing it rather abruptly.

New England Patriots: Lack of pass rush and glaring holes in the secondary make this Patriots team beatable. Normally we wouldn’t over-react to a loss like this, but coming off a bye week this team looked ill-prepared.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints aren’t exactly built to win games in which they turn it over four times. I mean, nobody really is, but least of all the Saints. New Orleans blew a prime opportunity to move within a half game of the NFC South lead

New York Giants: I’ve never seen a team look so inconsistent on offense. Their first possession they looked unstoppable, then for two quarters they can’t move the ball. One thing we know for sure, they can’t run the ball but it doesn’t seem to be stopping them from winning.

New York Jets: The defense is playing lights out, but none of that matters when the team can’t score. Bryce Petty could be the answer long term, but realistically, the Jets will be lucky to get 2 more wins this season.

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Philadelphia Eagles: Philly dominated the ground game and wouldn’t you know it – they came away with a win. I’m not saying that Carson Wentz isn’t good – but the Eagles realistically can’t rely on him to win games.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The days of the Steel Curtain are long gone, which isn’t a bad thing – they just have to rely on outscoring the opponents now. Not going to be too hard on Pittsburgh though, it took an incredible performance to beat them and the Steelers should be OK in the long run.

San Diego Chargers: Live by the Philip, Die by the Philip. He’s been carrying the team all year long, but two interceptions in the fourth quarter is a recipe for disaster. Their odds to win the AFC West were long coming into this game, but now they are non-existent.

San Francisco 49ers: This team won’t quit, which is a great trait. As long as they can show fight but still lose, they will have a great draft position and positive things to build on for next year.

Seattle Seahawks: This was an incredible win, on the road, on a short week, against a Super Bowl favorite. Something tells me that Seattle will be playing for the NFC championship in January.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis has looked really good at times, but hasn’t fully taken the step forward that many expected him to take this year. Realistically the NFC South is having a down year and the Bucs are still in last place.

Tennessee Titans: Last call for boarding the Titans hype train. Marcus Mariota has been on fire for three weeks and DeMarco Murray is making everyone regret not drafting him higher in Fantasy Football.

Washington Redskins: Much like the Giants, this team doesn’t feel as good as their record. But like the great Bill Parcells said “You are what your record says you are”

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