Derrick Rose Will Need Some Time To Get Things Going

Derrick Rose showed the world that he is back at his full health and that he can still be the dominant superstar point guard all Chicago Bulls loved. He had a terrific pre-season although he didn’t play extended minutes. However, in the season opener against the Miami Heat he was a bit rusty.

With 12 points on a 4-of-15 shooting from the field, Rose didn’t play as efficient as the Bulls wanted him to be. Although Rose was able to get into traffic and finish to the rim with his usual acrobatic moves, many times his shots got blocked or went way off.

Nevertheless, the most important thing for him and the Bulls is that he looked nothing but healthy. That’s why he was able to push his body to the limits and he was not afraid of heavy contact and getting through traffic. That’s why the Bulls should remain optimistic that they will soon have their leader back at his 100 percent, both health-wise and performance-wise. In fact, once Rose gets his touches back, he is expected to lift his performance to the level that will put him in the regular season MVP race once again.

The explosiveness was there and the superb balance when finishing in traffic was also there. In fact, Derrick Rose appeared to be very confident during the game. He didn’t seem to be afraid or uncertain about his steps at all.

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Rose made just one three-pointer out of his seven attempts and he also had four assists and one rebound. On the contrary, he turned the ball over five times. Certainly, such a performance is not characteristic for him. But as he gets his feet used to the NBA-level of play once again and once sees some actual game minutes, then there is no reason why he should not be able to get back to his usual type of performance. That’s why we could say that it’s just a matter of time before he will be able to be surging once again.

The 25-year old guard is expected to put the Bulls deep in the championship run this season. Even if he doesn’t get back on track at a full scale during the start of the season, the Bulls mostly care about having him at his best during the playoffs. That’s when his condition and his ability to lead the team to victories will matter the most.

Of course, the Bulls do need to spend some time together, as many of their core members returned from injuries this season. Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng were injured during the end of the previous season and the playoffs, while Joakim Noah also experienced some health issues until the season opener. We should expect Rose and the Bulls to get things clicking during the next few games.

The Chicago Bulls are considered as one of the top teams in the East and they will be amongst the title contenders from the Eastern Conference this season.

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