The Best NBA Golfers Of All Time

I’m not sure what it is about basketball and golf, but there are so many current and ex NBA stars that are smitten with golf!

And really good as well!

We’ve picked out a handful of the keenest and best NBA Golfers out there.

Michael Jordan

The world famous NBA star that popularized basketball around the world in the mid-nineties has been a lover of the game of golf for years. Apart from owning the Charlotte Hornets he’s reportedly submitted plans to build his own golf course in Hobe Sound, Florida.

There will be 25 other shareholders each putting in $1 million, but MJ will be calling the shots and approving members. It is going to be celebrity laden! Apparently Jordan was unhappy with pace of play at the Bears Club where he is also a member. Come to think of it pace of play is frustrating for any golfer! Every single golfer should be using a golf rangefinder during a round rather than pacing off yardages and wasting time.

Michael Jordan doesn’t have a beautiful swing, but can still get it around. He plays off a 1.2 handicap – pretty darn good!

Stephen Curry

Curry also plays off a 1.2 and get this, he actually played on his school golf team for 3 years too being a permanent fixture.

His dad has even said if he was to retire from NBA and focus on golf a bit he could turn professional and give it a bash. Well, I’m not so sure about that because ‘tough’ is an understatement especially getting into it late.

Curry has scooped the current honors of being the top ranked NBA golfer and 14th best celebrity. He’s played Augusta and even shot 70 at Pebble Beach before – impressive!

J.R. Smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers star has been a huge fan of golf since 2008. In 2014 he was a 13 handicap and has progressed steadily since.

His love of the game is immense. He wants to start his own line of golf shoes and also a proper NBA charity golf tour.

He’s become matey with Dustin Johnson having joined him for a range session at the WGC-Bridgestone in Akron, Ohio last year.

Ray Allen

When Allen retired from the NBA, he finally got to focus on his golf. And what a player he is being a +0.2 handicap out at the TPC River Highlands (a PGA Tour host course). In 20 rounds he broke 75 on fifteen occasions including one 67. Around TPC River Highlands! That is impressive.

In our books Allen takes the cake being the lowest handicapped player and who knows – in 8 years time he may be trying out for the Champions Tour!

Charles Barkley

Ok well he’s not the best NBA golfer that is for sure. Probably one of the worst swings out there. He has a proper stall on the downswing!

Hank Haney tried to help him, but unfortunately I think he has his work cut out for him. He even stated that anyone who could properly fix his swing would get a statue in his garden!

Barkley is however passionate about the game and has played in many a PGA Tour Pro-Am. Also a great friend of Tiger Woods. That can only help!


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