Orioles Give Ortiz the Best Farewell Gift we Will Ever See

As the David Ortiz farewell tour reaches its end, the gifts have been piling up.  Ortiz received a fur-lined parka from the Toronto Blue Jays, some custom cowboy boots and belt buckle from the Texas Rangers, and a surfboard printed with his likeness from the San Diego Padres.  But the gift that just might take the cake so far was presented last night by the Baltimore Orioles.

Back in July of 2013, Boston Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz thought he drew a walk… twice; and was eventually struck out. After exchanging words with the umpire, Ortiz retreated into the visiting dugout where he proceeded to smash the bullpen phone to bits, eventually leading to his ejection. (See Video Below)

So what do the Orioles give to the guy who probably has everything? How about the exact, authenticated bullpen phone he smashed three years ago.

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