How the (NFC) West was Won

Prior to Week 1 of this year’s NFL season there was much speculation as to the success of the powerhouse that is the NFC west. Many predictors even believed the NFC West to send 3 teams to the playoffs (SEA, SF, STL). While that might have been somewhat of a bold prediction, understanding the strength of this division is not something to be taken lightly.

NFC West – 2010 NFL Season Preview

This division was pathetic last season, but we aren’t here to talk too much about 2009. The Cardinals won the division last year, and look to be the front runners for taking the title in 2010 as well. The 49ers will probably be able to provide the most competition of any other team in this division, but again, top to bottom this is the worst division in the NFL. Let’s continue looking deeper to find out if there is a silver lining anywhere in this great cloud of the NFC West.