The Theory of Baseball Evolution

As technology develops, humans are using it to get faster, bigger and stronger than ever before and its having an effect on the game of baseball – but not in the way that anyone could have ever imagined. Team sports, such as baseball, are measured in vastly different ways than individual sports such as track & field, golf, or swimming. As athletes become more proficient in their individual sports, we see records being broken all the time. A new fastest 100m dash, a new low course score, a new record every day.

Streaking Tulo Puts Rockies Back in Playoff Hunt

Don’t look now, but the Rockies are within 2 games of the NL West lead and within 4 games of the NL Wildcard. And who do we have to thank this year? Troy Tulowitzki of course, whose onslaught of home runs in the past 2+ weeks has the Rockies yet again within striking distance of a playoff spot. The Rockies are certainly the team to watch, heading down the final stretch.