2010 MLB Playoffs

Twenty Games to Go – Here’s how the MLB Playoff Races Look Tonight

There are less than 20 games remaining in the 2010 MLB season, which means that the number of teams mathematically eliminated from postseason contention is piling up faster than double cheeseburger wrappers during a Kirstie Alley binge. Ok, so that might have been a cheap shot, but regardless, more than half the teams, as of tonight, no longer even have a sliver of a chance of tasting October.

Arian Foster Blew Up in Week 1

NFL Roundup Week 1 – Scores & Analysis

Week 1 of the 2010 NFL season is in the books and it was just about everything that we could have hoped for. We had fantasy leagues get blown up by relatively unknown players, we had officiating controversy that cost some teams a win, and we had epic matchups (some lived up to the hype, others not so much). So as we take a look back at what was an exciting opening week in the NFL, here are some brief notes on each of the games.

AFC West – 2010 NFL Season Preview

As we wrap up our NFL divisional previews and predictions for 2010, we head out west where the possibilities are as untamed as JaMarcus Russell’s deep ball. There is much to be said about this division, but none of it is really that good considering the AFC West only had one team over .500 on the season. As a whole, this division is weak defensively and doesn’t bring much to the table offensively either. The Chargers are again the early favorites to take the division, but the AFC Wildcard could still be an option for one of the remaining teams – let’s find out who.

NFC West – 2010 NFL Season Preview

This division was pathetic last season, but we aren’t here to talk too much about 2009. The Cardinals won the division last year, and look to be the front runners for taking the title in 2010 as well. The 49ers will probably be able to provide the most competition of any other team in this division, but again, top to bottom this is the worst division in the NFL. Let’s continue looking deeper to find out if there is a silver lining anywhere in this great cloud of the NFC West.

AFC South – 2010 NFL Season Preview

The AFC South has long been dominated by the Indianapolis Colts, but the rest of the division is quickly making up ground. This division put up 38 wins in 2009, the most of any division by far, making the AFC South one of the NFL’s premier divisions. While the Colts may still be the cream of the crop down south, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see both wildcard’s come out of this division. However, with great strength, comes cannibalism as each team’s schedule gets markedly more difficult as each division opponent improves. Let’s find out what makes this division so powerful.

NFC South – 2010 NFL Season Preview

The NFC South is home to the Defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, but don’t think that gives them any advantages heading into the 2010 season. This division is fairly solid top to bottom, meaning that there aren’t any “gimme’s” on anybody’s schedule. There are really only two contenders in this division, which isn’t nearly as potent as it was last season. This is still the Saint’s division to lose, however, but whether anyone will step up to take it from them remains to be seen.