How Compression Sleeves Can Help Fight Knee Pain

This is a guest post by Sarah Jones. As an active lifestyle enthusiast, Sarah started Compression Info with the goal of teaching others the benefits of taking care of one’s self using proper compression gear for their muscles.

Playing sports brings out the fierce competitor in us.  Sometimes though, accidents can happen, or we can push ourselves too far in the heat of the moment which can cause injuries.  Knee pain is one of the most common reported injuries, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating.  There are ways to help your knees so you can continue playing what you love.

Sports knee injuries

Knee pain can be the result of many different circumstances.  Arthritis, sports injuries, running, and ligament tears all contribute to the nagging pain we may feel in one or both of our knees. Approximately 55% of all sports injuries are knee injuries. Runner’s knee is one of the most common and also the most irritating.  This happens when the kneecap repeatedly hits against the bone in the leg.  It is a common occurrence not only to runners, but many other individuals that play a wide variety of sports.  Knee injuries usually take at least a few weeks to heal properly because of the ligaments and tissues that need to be repaired.

Compression to the Rescue

Have you ever heard of compression clothing?  If you run or play sports, then most likely you have.  The gear has leaped in popularity due to the benefits the tight-fitting clothing offers.  Compression gear is made mostly of spandex, and there are different degrees of tightness that a person can choose from.  The pressure squeezes the muscles which minimizes swelling and inflammation while promoting good blood circulation, which is ideal for healing injuries.

Types of Knee Compression Gear

Knee compression items are often confused for braces.  Braces have hinges and provide mechanical support, and knee sleeves do not. Compression knee clothing comes in a wide variety and can be selected based on the cause of your pain.  If you suffer from arthritis, then a basic knee sleeve can help reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis.  For athletes or people that have knee sports injuries, there are items with copper in them. It is meant to reduce any odors, especially if you have to wear them for long periods of time.  Sleeves should not fit too tightly.  They should apply pressure, but just enough to get your blood moving and not so tight that they cut off circulation.

Compression Can Ease Pain?

Compression knee sleeves are an excellent way to control and reduce pain.  Wearing these during the day can help improve mobility without stabbing pain.  The pressure from the sleeve keeps the patella and muscles held firmly in one place, which helps with any slipping or tearing from occurring.  They offer a sense of stability and increase blood flow to the area which is ideal for healing.  That is why many runners don their compression gear after races because the recovery time is less.

Knee injuries are common, but compression sleeves can help.  These items offer stability, good blood flow, and improved mobility so you can do your daily tasks without large amounts of pain. They can be worn under clothing and for many hours of the day and offer relief from knee pain.


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