Winners of the Week – Owls & Glass Tabletops

Let’s face it – It’s Charlie Sheen’s world and we are all just lucky to be along for the ride.  Not to be outdone by Sheen’s Hollywood antics, however, the world of sports produced some pretty boneheaded moves this week as well.  Where to begin? Oh I don’t know, let’s head down to South America.

Luis Moreno Kills Owl on Soccer Field, PETA Sees Rise in Donations

Animal lover or not, what happened earlier this week on a soccer field in Columbia had us all gasping in shock.  In case you haven’t seen the video (or didn’t want to watch it below), the mascot of a Columbian soccer team wound up on the field and was inadvertently stunned by a soccer ball.  When the ref’s stopped the game to help the injured off the field, Luis Moreno stepped in.  Moreno had likely seen his application to the South American Veterinary Institute rejected for the final time. Angry, bitter, and dejected, he no doubt decided that he would have his revenge if given the opportunity. When he saw the mascot of his Columbian rivals dazed and lying on the ground, he did his best Sebastian Janikowski impression and place kicked it about 3 yards off the field.  Not the wisest of moves, especially in today’s internet age.


Milton Bradley Smashes a Glass Coffee Table over His Wife’s Head

Take a moment to let that sink in. This is not a made up headline to grab attention, this is the real deal.  We’ve seen Milton throw the ball into the stands with two outs, we’ve seen him go to town on water coolers after a strikeout, but this latest outburst has to top them all.  First reported by, Milton allegedly got in an argument with his (soon to be ex) wife, picked up the glass tabletop from their coffee table, and hurled it at her head, causing injuries when it shattered against the wall behind her. I can’t even imagine what anyone could say to me where my initial reaction would be to throw a sheet of glass at them.  Call me old fashioned, but ladies should be treated with respect, not treated for shards of glass in their forehead.  If you have an afternoon to kill, read the full Milton Bradley Insanity Timeline from Babes Love Baseball.

Elijah Dukes Attacks Pregnant Ex Girlfriend

Not sure if anyone remembers Dukes. He was originally drafted in 2002 by the Rays and spent a couple years in the Majors during the 2007-2009 seasons with the Rays and Nationals.  He was picked up earlier this week after police received a call from his pregnant ex-girlfriend claiming that he struck her repeatedly in the face.  This once highly regarded prospect had been staying in a motel with his girlfriend when the altercation took place.  Sure, it wasn’t the penthouse suite of some luxury Beverly Hills hotel where most of Charlie Sheen’s stories take place, but it was good enough to make our list this week.


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