So What? Who Cares? Super Regional Prediction Edition

I knew it would happen. Every time you draft an article that predicts a winner, you end up with half of your audience completely ticked off at you. But as a sports writer, I have to say “So What? Who Cares?” I was going to face the wrath of either OU fans or UVA fans with my prediction so I went with who I really felt would win.

The Fallout From my Post

I got bombarded with emails all day long from disgruntled UVA fans who threw stat after stat in my face about how I shouldn’t have dogged their team and how they deserve a shot in Omaha (see the comments: But So what? Who cares? Just about every one of the 16 teams playing in the super regionals this weekend deserves a shot because they are all superb teams. But the truth of the matter is that only 8 will be left standing after the dust clears. If it’s UVA over OU, well so be it. But I will have you know that if OU tops UVA, I will classy about it. I won’t go all over (Where my prediction post was featured) calling everyone idiots or misinformed.

Where Fans Missed the Boat

I think what the upset readers were missing is that my post was merely a prediction based on what I had seen in the weeks leading up to the regionals and the regionals themselves. I didn’t claim to have watched every single college game this year, know everyone’s batting average or ERA. No, I just expressed who I felt looked the strongest at a time when momentum really matters. Regular season records are a thing of the past – it’s all about performing under the bright lights of ESPNU and the national attention that comes with this time of year.

Predictions Shouldn’t Be Taken So Seriously

In a three game series, literally anything can happen. A team can hit a dry streak and what was once a 50 win season can turn into nothing more than a “thanks for showing up” and a pat on the back. Unfortunately, the best team does not always win in these short series’ which is what makes it so interesting. You pray that your team can maintain the momentum that got it this far because every team they face from here on out is top tier.

Best of Luck to Cavaliers Fans across the Nation!

So Cavaliers fans, best of luck to you all. Don’t take anything I wrote or said personally because technically I offended 8 different fan bases, not just you. Print my blog post off and mail it to the coach for some pre-series motivation, or just shrug off my recommendations and say “So What? Who Cares?”

Thanks for the support and Go Devils!

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