So What? Who Cares? Brett Favre Edition May-2010

I feel like I could probably make Brett Favre his own category for the months leading up to the start of the NFL Regular Season, but I will be starting a new section called So What? Who Cares? Its a section specially designed for sports stories that are getting entirely too much attention. And when it comes to attention, nobody in the NFL garners it, or craves it more than Brett Favre himself.

The speculation regarding Brett’s return is all over the media. His recent knee surgery is making analysts drool over the possibility of his return. ESPN is dusting off the old footage of Brett in his heyday and Wrangler is maniacally grinding their hands together knowing that they can get at least a few more months of relevancy out of their Brett Favre “Make a poor guy lay out in the mud puddle to catch a poorly thrown ball” television ad.

Then Brett throws more fuel on the fire by saying that if Ole Miss makes it to the College World Series, he will come back for another season. Great job Brett. As a hometown hero, I am positive that every one of those kids on the Ole Miss baseball team looks up to you. They want to see you keep playing and now it’s on their shoulders. How much money is Tavaris Jackson throwing at the Ole Miss baseball program in hopes that they roll over and he can have a chance to start for the Vikings again? Any chance that Brad Childress, the Vikings coach, has offered to provide some motivational speeches before Ole Miss heads into the playoffs?

This is ridiculous and it has to stop. WHEN WILL IT END WITH BRETT FAVRE? We get it. He’s still got enough talent to beat out a handful of potential starters in the NFL, but since when does any player get to turn the league into their own personal dog and pony show? I might be part of the problem, however, as I sit here and waste minutes of my precious Saturday morning ranting about how Brett Favre shouldn’t get the attention he’s getting.

Apparently all Brett Favre wants is for the media spotlight to be on him. Never mind the fact that the NBA playoffs are about to enter the final round, College Baseball is in its final regular season weekend with dozens of playoff spots on the line, or that MLB is kicking off Interleague Play. No, this weekend is all about Brett and all I have to say is “So What? Who Cares?”

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