Velorama Fesival Hits Colorado this Summer

The Colorado Classic is a four-day, three-stage cycling event that features some of the world’s best cyclists racing through the streets of Colorado Springs and Breckenridge in a traditional bike race. But when the third stage hits the streets of Denver, it will become the centerpiece of the Velorama Colorado festival!

“The Tour de France? Impossible without dope.” Lie or reality?

Disgraced athlete Lance Armstrong’s recent comments that the Tour de France was “impossible to win without taking drugs” has enraged professional cyclists and fans alike, but is there an unfortunate truth to his claims? Medical and Pharmaceutical expert Omar El-Gohary weighs the intense strain of the famous race against the limitations of the human body and discusses the truth.

Triathlon Tips For Newbies

Making the decision to compete in a triathlon is a life-changing moment, as it is the moment you decide to become the fittest you’ve ever been. This extreme sport is not to be taken lightly, testing your fitness and stamina to the max. If you are competing in a standard triathlon – also called an Olympic triathlon – you will be expected to swim for 0.93 miles, cycle for 25 miles and run for 6.2 miles.