4 tips to keep fit this autumn

We all know how hard it can be to keep fit once the temperature starts to drop. The temptation to gather our nuts and go into full hibernation mode may be alluring, but here are four tips to spur you on and keep that winter belly at bay.

Make the most of the weather

Many people don’t realise that autumn is one of the best seasons for outdoor activity. Nothing makes you feel quite as alive as when the crisp autumn air hits you. It ignites the senses and gets you raring to go for that walk, hike or bike ride.

When it’s not raining, autumn can be a beautiful time of year. Country trails are drenched in shades of red, gold and crimson, as weeping trees shower leaves underfoot. It doesn’t have to feel like exercise for you to receive the benefits. Walk to work, rake the garden or just play fetch with your dog – it all adds up.

Stay indoors

At a certain point, you may have to admit defeat and take your fitness regime indoors. Now is the perfect time to try one of those fitness classes you’ve always toyed with. Why not head to the gym and try a yoga, spinning or a Zumba class?

Autumn is a great time to develop and perfect new physical abilities. Once spring arrives, you should have gained a new skill you can take outdoors. All that time spent on the indoor climbing wall will have paid off.

There’s nothing stopping you from exercising at home either – put aside that TV box set and get involved with an exercise DVD. And, if you have to watch the season finale of your favourite show, there’s nothing stopping you from lifting a few weights while you do.

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Dress appropriately

When venturing outside it’s important to be adequately wrapped up. Dress in layers before you go out and find a pair of running shoes that are comfortable and easy to exercise in. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding suitable outdoor clothing. There’s an extensive catalog of Nike running shoes from Millet Sports that offer unparalleled comfort to those braving the colder weather.

Manage your diet

It’s always the same. You’ll spend all of spring and summer trying to get that beach-ready physique, only to reach your goal as the leaves begin to fall. Get a head start this year by starting your diet now.

Eating plenty of fruit is a great way to stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk to chronic diseases.

Incorporating more vegetables into your meals is also recommended. Cabbage is rich in fibre and can lower your cholesterol. Wild mushrooms are a fantastic source of antioxidants and nutrients which the body needs. They are especially beneficial to eat in the autumn as they contain traces of vitamin D. For more advice on what you shouldn’t and shouldn’t be eating, take a look at The Mother Nature’s informative guide.

Around 90 per cent of our vitamin D is absorbed from the sun, so as you’ve probably guessed, it’s a bit trickier to come by in the autumn. Eating the right foods does help but you’ll need to maximize your exposure to the sun to really feel the benefit. Natural News has a more detailed guide on this subject if you’re concerned about your vitamin D levels.

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