Top 7 Best NHL Players of the 2015-2016 NHL Season

If the word season is no more associated with autumn, congratulations! You are the one, who likes hockey and stays eager to get the latest news about the league plays.

The USA hockey age groups are classified mostly as high-school players, junior, and adult. The majority of hockey stars went through all these groups before appearing in the National League or NHL drafts. Youth gives the wide range of the opportunities, so those players are the brilliant examples of how one may use them.

There are many gossips, rumors, and rows around the players. It is all because of their popularity and probably fans. The last want to become a part of the big game. Another way it can be explained is the high level of the competition. The rosters are made in the way you have to prove the ability to play perfectly. This is how the hockey members see it.

What do the spectators view in the first moments? The picture is about the team to start the game wearing stylish jerseys each fan wants to obtain either. They do the entries and wish their favorites to win. What is the result? – The great transactions the hockey teams NHL get after leaving the ice.

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Who are the best players of the last season?

  1. Patrick Kane is the right wing in Chicago Blackhawks. He is considered to be the best player in the league. The hockey star left the season with 46 goals earning the scores for the team as also the appreciation among fans. The awards he was given are three Stanley Cups and Ted Lindsay Award.
  1. Sidney Crosby and his team Pittsburgh Penguins. His position is in the center, so he is supposed to have good skills in making shots and passing. In the last season, Crosby took the chance and helped the Penguins to appear out of the play-off. That time they were playing for the Stanley Cup. This season the player received the Conn Smythe Trophy for the outstanding achievements and three Ted Lindsay Awards.
  1. Alex Ovechkin, who is playing for the Washington Capitals on the left wing, was recently named the best goal scorer in his age group. Throughout the third season, he earned the team 50 goals. The total amount since his career was started is 525. Does not it sound great?
  1. Jamie Benn is the reason for the Dallas Stars to be proud of. They can be sure the left wing will be defense. The last season was over for him with 41 goals in the pocket. So far, his position was the second in the rank. The reward he can boast with is the Art Ross Trophy. The summer of 2013 was especially successful for him as he earned more than one point per game. In total, it is 255 in 245 games.
  1. Braden Holtby is playing successfully for the Washington Capitals. He is the goalkeeper. The number of wins he obtains throughout the career is 149. The hockey star is at the peak of the career as because of the brilliant age – he is just 27.
  1. Drew Doughty is the defensemen. His hockey home is Los Angeles Kings. The main aim he is expected to achieve is leading the team. His blooming career started when Drew entered the League in 2008. He is active due to the fact of taking part in 606 NHL Games.
  1. Erik Karlsson is Drew’s colleague since he is also the defensemen. The team is called Ottawa Senators. He reached 82 points in 82 games – a pretty good result. Karlsson left the last season with a big luggage – 16 goals, which brought winery to the Senators. The star can be seen in 479 NHL games.

All NHL plays get courage from the International Hockey Federation, which is based in Colorado. So, the main source is frequently called by one word “Colorado”.

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To make the long story short, let the hockey involve you in its own world of sport. Remain familiar with the updated news using the trusted sources such as TSN. Make the sport be a part of your life!

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