Week 4 NFL Power Rankings







Denver Broncos



There is no doubt that the Broncos are the best team in the league. They looked effortless on offense and stout on defense. (AG)


Seattle Seahawks



What did you expect? The Seahawks played the Jags. Enough said. (EB)



New Orleans Saints



The Saints are flying under the radar and still undefeated in the NFL. Speaking of flying, their defense was flying to the ball on Sunday against the Cardinals and so was Jimmy Graham, who had another monster game. Although Brees was sacked 4 times on Sunday, he still had over 300 yards, 3 TDs and even ran one in. The Saints defense is now ranked 5th in total defense, 6th against the pass. Goodness, how much a difference a year makes. (EB)


New England Patriots



They might not be the prettiest wins, but New England is finding ways to get it done. Brady looked to have better chemistry with his receivers last week and the defense has looked better than at any point in the last four seasons. (AG)



Chicago Bears



The Bears defense did what it usually does and forced 5 turnovers against Big Ben and friends at Heinz Field. Their offense complimented the great defensive play as Jay Cutler was protected and the connection between him and Marshall was magical. (EB)


Houston Texans



The Texans defense got exposed last week, by a Ravens team that was playing without it’s star running back. The division won’t be a runaway this year and Houston needs to watch out. (AG)



Baltimore Ravens



After looking shaky in the first two weeks, the Ravens came out strong and put a hurting on the Texans. If Joe Flacco can play better, this team might begin to resemble the squad that won the Super Bowl last season. (AG)



Cincinnati Bengals



Normally teams that give up 30 unanswered points don’t win the game, but the Bengals are nothing if not persistent. The Cincy defense came to play and proved that they are one of the best in the league. (AG)



Kansas City Chiefs



With the win last week, the Chiefs are the first team in the NFL to ensure a better record than they had in 2012 – a true testament to Andy Reid. (AG)



San Francisco 49ers



There’s a crap load of things going on with the Niners starting with Aldon Smith’s problem to Gore not being happy with the amount of carries he’s getting to Kaepernick looking completely lost. Also, it appears that the Niners defense isn’t as invincible as it appeared to be. Andrew Luck and Co. marched into Candlestick Park and punched the Niners in the mouth.. after Seattle knocked them out last weekend. They need to figure it out and get it together. (EB)



Miami Dolphins



Finally, a win against an elite team. Tannehill and the offense did just enough to outscore the Falcons. The defense looked pretty good too. (AG)



Dallas Cowboys



Oh yeah, the Cowboys looked magnificent on Sunday against the Rams. The running game was great, the defense was flying and Tony Romo looked marvelous. There’s alot of things to be excited about this week if you’re a Cowboys fan. Let’s see if you will be calling for Jason Garrett’s job and Tony Romo’s head next Sunday. (EB)



Indianapolis Colts



Luck took the Colts back to his old stomping grounds in the Bay Area and… well… stomped the 49ers.  Wins like that can propel a team to the playoffs. (AG)



Tennessee Titans



And just like that, there is a 3-way tie in the AFC South. Jake Locker had one of those games that garnered national attention and made Titans fans remember why they drafted him. (AG)



Detroit Lions



Eh, nothing special about this game but the fact that this was the Lions first win in Washington since…ever! Lions created some turnovers and Matt Stafford and the offense capitalized. (EB)



Green Bay Packers



Aaron Rodgers had a off game by his standards. The Packers scored 30 straight points then the Bengals rallied and it took all but a batted pass to stop the Packers cold. I don’t expect Rodgers to continue to play like this. (EB)



Atlanta Falcons



I’m not sure if the Dolphins are this good or the Falcons are just not to be trusted. The Dolphins pulled out a win in Miami and sent the Dirty Birds packing back to Atlanta 1-2. Atlanta’s defense has problems against the pass, their running game is blah and they have lost lots of key players. With the Saints flying high, things aren’t looking to good for ATL. (EB)



St. Louis Rams



Jared Cook had that great game against the Cardinals and now he has been MIA the past two games. Sam Bradford was sacked 6 times on Sunday and Cowboy’s running back, DeMarco Murray had a field day. The Rams, or any team for that matter, can’t win if they can’t stop anybody and protect Bradford. (EB)



Philadelphia Eagles



Chip Kelly isn’t looking very genius-like after all. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Eagles defense played Alex Smith and the Chiefs, but ultimately, Smith made no turnovers and Vick made too many. Story of the game. (EB)



San Diego Chargers



Each of the Chargers’ games so far have been decided in the last minute of the game. Depending on how you slice it, this team could easily be 3-0 or 0-3. What happens next week is anyone’s guess. (AG)
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Buffalo Bills



One week this team looks like they can compete in the AFC East, and the next week they look lost on both sides of the ball. Not sure what to think of this team anymore. (AG)



Arizona Cardinals



The very first drive against the Saints on Sunday looked very promising. Then the offense looked abysmal after that. The Cards has the horses and coaches to make noise but something is missing with this team, but the Saints defense came to play on Sunday. Wrong place, wrong time for the Cardinals. (EB)



Carolina Panthers



The Panthers bring it on Sunday against the Giants. After a rocky start to the season, the Panthers finally looked like a legitimate threat to the Saints and Falcons in the division and Ron Rivera’s job is safe…for now. Let’s see if this play continues but for now, Carolina fans should be jumping up for joy…for now. (EB)



New York Jets



The Jets’ lack of discipline almost led to them blowing a sure victory. This team still has issues with penalties, but they looked good on both sides of the ball in the same game for the first time in what feels like forever. (AG)



Oakland Raiders



After a big week 1, Terrelle Pryor is looking very much like a rookie quarterback. Watching the Raiders try to move the ball on the ground was painful. (AG)



Cleveland Browns



A big win for the Browns, who were expected to tank on the season after trading away Trent Richardson. No way they compete for the division, but at least they aren’t in last place anymore… (AG)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers



That “revamped” secondary looked very basic as Tom Brady carved the Bucs defense up like a Thanksgiving turkey. The Bucs offense? What offense? Their entire offense should be featured on Cris Carter’s “C’MON MAN!” (if they haven’t already) because it’s baffling, especially with the talent they have on offense. (EB)



Pittsburgh Steelers



This Steelers team is just a shell of its former self. No running game, no defense, and (almost) no hope to win the AFC North.  How long before a head coaching change is made? (AG)



New York Giants



I don’t know where to begin with the Giants. One, they can’t protect Eli Manning. Two, they can’t run the ball. Three, their pash rush is non-existent. Four, they really don’t have alot of talent on the team. Thus, a 0-3 start for Big Blue. (EB)



Washington Redskins



Clearly, RG3 isn’t 100 percent. Seeing him “attempting” to run the read-option pained me. The defense actually didn’t look horrendous against the Lions. This game was on the offense and they couldn’t come through. RG3 L’s. (EB)



Minnesota Vikings



Not only are the Vikings 0-3, they lost to the Browns on Sunday, to a quarterback by the name of  Brian Hoyer. I’ve never heard of him, but he shocked the crap out of Minnesota. I’m just as ashamed as Adrian Peterson’s daughter. (EB)


Jacksonville Jaguars



The offense actually showed signs of life last week, although most of it was during garbage time. This team still isn’t very good, but Henne can at least slow the bleeding until they can draft a replacement. (AG)

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