Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to our NFL Power Rankings for Week 3 of the 2013 regular season. Erica Blackburn (EB) handles the NFC and Aaron Garcia (AG) handles the AFC.








Denver Broncos



They may have started off a little slow, but Peyton and the Broncos eventually had their way with the Giants. Denver’s defense is generating turnovers at an alarming rate. (AG)



Seattle Seahawks



I picked Seattle to beat the Niners but I wasn’t anticipating such a lopsided victory. The Seahawks neutralized all of the Niners playmakers and the scary thing is that they did it while missing some key players on defense. I still think the Niners will win the division, but the Niners getting to the Super Bowl isn’t a sure thing like some seem to think. (EB)



San Francisco 49ers



Colin Kaepernick played his worst game by far against the Seahawks. He looked scared in the pocket often and forced a lot of throws hence the 3 interceptions. Boldin was on lockdown, Gore was nonexistent and Vernon Davis was taken out of the game early because of an injury. I know the Niners will bounce back so they will remain one of the top 3 teams in the NFL. (EB)



New England Patriots



Back to back ugly wins, but I think the real story here is that even though the offense is clearly not in sync, New England continues to find ways to win ballgames. (AG)



New Orleans Saints



The game against Tampa Bay started off bizarre as the game was delayed for about an hour because of lightning. Apparently, the Saints left their offense in the locker room during that time. The Saints have struggled in the red zone for 2 consecutive weeks and their defense has carried them. Who would’ve thought we would say such a thing? I’m confident the Saints will fix up whatever issues they are having with running the ball as well and when they do, look out NFL. (EB)



Houston Texans



Houston hasn’t exactly dominated other teams in the first three quarters, but in the fourth quarter, when it matters, they are pulling out wins. (AG)



Chicago Bears



Jay Cutler does it again! A late touchdown throw to Martellus Bennett is the difference between being 1-1 and 2-0.  They had 4 turnovers, which is a no-no, but the Vikings weren’t any better with 3 turnovers and 0-3 in the red zone. If the Bears can reduce their turnovers, this team can be a legitimate contender for a Super Bowl berth. (EB)


Atlanta Falcons



The Falcons bounced back in a major way by first blowing the Rams out, letting them come back but still keep the lead for the victory. We have seen on multiple occasions where the opponents end up winning the game. Julio Jones didn’t look hurt to me and Osi Umeniyora is looking like he belongs in a Falcons uniform. (EB)


Green Bay Packers



Aaron Rodgers showed why he is the one of the best in the game right now by throwing a career high of 480 yards against the Redskins. He also threw 4 TDs and was aided in the run game. The Packers put pressure on RG3 all game long, forcing the skins to be 27% on third downs. This was a great way to bounce back, Packers! (EB)



Baltimore Ravens



Not exactly the best start to the season for the defending Super Bowl champions. The offense clearly has issues, but thankfully won’t need to score much to get wins in the AFC North (AG)



Cincinnati Bengals



The Bengal’s ability to throw the ball to their numerous weapons will only be slowed down by the protection they can provide Dalton. His accuracy struggled last week, mostly due to constant pressure. Giovani Bernard is electric, however and provides good balance to this offense. (AG)



Kansas City Chiefs



Already matching last season’s win total (2), Andy Reid and the Chiefs must be on top of their game to beat Philly and move to 3-0. (AG)



Dallas Cowboys



The Cowboys had the chance to come out of Kansas City with a win, but as usual, they fell short. DeMarco Murray wasn’t effective, averaging 2.1 yards a carry. The defense held up for as long as they could but two turnovers by the Cowboys did them in.  Another classic game by the Cowboys. (EB)



Miami Dolphins



The Dolphins got Mike Wallace involved in the offense, and it paid off. Miami has some weapons and is starting to learn how to use them. (AG)



Tennessee Titans



After their opening week win, their week 2 loss has to be heart breaking.  A win would have been a huge step towards a division title, but this loss doesn’t exactly seal their fate – it is only week 3 after all. (AG)



St. Louis Rams



The Rams tried to pull off another miracle at the end but was unsuccessful. The fact that they were able to come back after being down 21-0 at one point speaks volumes. The Rams are a young team and will be competitive in their division. (EB)



Philadelphia Eagles



The Chargers had a masterful game plan against the Eagles. As Phillip Rivers said, “we outhuddled the no-huddlers”. The Eagles have bigger problems though. Their defense can’t cover tight ends and their safeties are shaky at best. Chip Kelly needs to figure out how to improve that defense if they want to win. (EB)



Indianapolis Colts



A disappointing loss last week has many doubting this team’s ability to make it back to the postseason. Defense continues to be an issue for this team, and they haven’t even faced what you would call a great offensive team this season. (AG)



San Diego Chargers



Not too many people gave the Chargers a chance last week, but they pulled out the win. It almost makes the meltdown on Monday night of week 1 seem like the exception rather than the rule. (AG)



Arizona Cardinals



When you go 1-11 on third downs, that usually means you are guaranteed a loss, but not so fast. The difference in this game was the 8 penalties for 101 yards that the Lions had with one crucial penalty deciding the game. I like the Cardinals defense and Tyrann Mathieu is showing his big play potential week in and week out. I commend the Cardinals on an impressive victory after being underdogs in their own house. (EB)



Detroit Lions



This team has the firepower on both sides of the ball to be a very good team but once again, their immaturity peaks at the wrong times. This team had 8 penalties for 101 yards, one being the most crucial that gave the Cardinals the edge. All this falls on Schwartz, which I’m not sold that he has what it takes to reel in his troops to play better football. (EB)



Buffalo Bills



Buffalo shows a lot of heart and takes a big step forward with a come from behind win over Carolina. EJ Manuel must continue to progress if this team wants to contend for the AFC East. (AG)



New York Giants



I don’t want to say anything too mean about the Giants because they are known for getting angry with critics and going on unbelievable Super Bowl runs. But I will say this: their defense isn’t intimidating anybody anymore. Their running game is non-existent and Eli Manning continues to throw picks because of it. (EB)



Pittsburgh Steelers



The Steelers are proving to be one of the worst teams in the league. Too many costly turnovers and penalties down the stretch, not to mention the serious lack of a running game. (AG)



Minnesota Vikings



Christian Ponder has to play better if the Vikings want to win. You can’t put the onus on Adrian Peterson to lead you to the promise land every game. It’s as simple as that! (EB)



Oakland Raiders



Pryor and the offense cooled down a bit, but they were still able to take care of business and pull out the win. This team should continue to be competitive, but probably nothing too great. (AG)



Tampa Bay Buccaneers



After holding the Saints to 0-4 in the red zone, I knew their defense was legit. They sacked Brees 4 times and forced him to throw 2 turnovers. Their offense, however, was nonexistent. Josh Freeman was a measly 9-22 with 125 yards and they had way too many penalties with 10 for 118 yards. I think they are having a competition with the Lions in that department. (EB)



Washington Redskins



Watching this game just caused me to shake my head. First off, the Skins secondary is horrendous. They can’t cover anybody to save their lives. Secondly, the coaches of the Redskins aren’t calling read-option plays for RG3. The Packers pressured RG3 all game long because of it! Let’s be real, RG3 is mostly dangerous because of his ability to run the football. He can throw the ball, yes, but this team is much better when RG3 can do what he does best. I understand you’re trying to preserve your franchise quarterback, but holding him hostage and acting scared is not going to get you W’s in this league. If RG3 says he is ready, then let him show you! (EB)



Carolina Panthers



This is the second week in a row where Cam Newton and friends had the lead going into the 4th quarter and blew it at the end. Something is missing with this team and I can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s the fact that Cam Newton hasn’t done enough to get his team over the hump. (EB)



New York Jets



Any time you can hold the Patriots to 13 points, you have to be able to pull out a win. The fact that the Jets didn’t is why they find themselves so low in our rankings. (AG)


Cleveland Browns



The Browns definitely let a great opportunity slip away, the lack of consistency from the QB position and their inability to run the ball leaves this team without many options. (AG)


Jacksonville Jaguars



Not sure if it’s too early to be looking forward to the 2014 Draft, but the Jaguars will definitely be picking near the top. This is clearly the worst team in football. (AG)

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