Week 14: NFL Wrap-Up

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arizona-cardinals-200Arizona Cardinals – It wasn’t exactly a statement game, but it was a win against a quality opponent on short rest.

atlanta-falcons-200Atlanta Falcons – We know they faced a tough defense, but since when do Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Davonte Freeman get kept out of the end zone? This team is awful.

baltimore-ravens-200Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have been dead men walking for almost the entire season, but this blowout sealed their fate – officially eliminated from playoff contention.

buffalo-bills-200Buffalo Bills – The Bills had a chance to take a big step forward towards the playoffs but, once again, penalties crushed them – typical Rex Ryan team.

carolina-panthers-200Carolina Panthers – If the Panthers offense is supposed to be their weakness, then can someone tell me why they’re ranked #1 in scoring right now?

chicago-bears-200Chicago Bears – Back to back weeks of tough, close losses – tough not to put the game on Gould’s miss but the team really didn’t perform well at all.

cincinnati-bengals-200Cincinnati Bengals – With one stupid interception and one awful tackle, the Bengals Super Bowl chances vanished – unless AJ McCarron really is the next Tom Brady.

cleveland-browns-200Cleveland Browns – They didn’t exactly blow the doors off the building, but the offense looked competent and the defense registered nine sacks.

dallas-cowboys-200Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys kept it close until the fourth quarter – but this team just really can’t get any offense going behind Cassel.

denver-broncos-200Denver Broncos – We aren’t ready to jump ship on Osweiler yet, but he picked a bad game to not play well.

detroit-lions-200Detroit Lions – Officially eliminated from playoff contention, following a game where the offense really struggled; is it time for another coaching change?

green-bay-packers-200Green Bay Packers – The Packers finally figured out that if they can’t throw it, they might as well hand it to the hungriest back in the league.

houston-texans-200Houston Texans – The pressure of being in first place in the AFC South (even if it was just for a few hours) was too much for the Texans.

indianapolis-colts-200Indianapolis Colts – Everyone says that this team can’t go far in the playoffs without Andrew Luck – this team just gave up a 50-burger to the Jags, the issues are kind of on defense too.

jacksonville-jaguars-200Jacksonville Jaguars – The league is so up and down that winning a game in the AFC south automatically makes you the best looking team in your division – and the Jags did just that.

kansas-city-chiefs-200Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs’ magical run continues, although the wins are getting uglier.

miami-dolphins-200Miami Dolphins – Monday Night Game.

minnesota-vikings-200Minnesota Vikings – It was a tall order, going into Glendale on short rest; but the team played well – the coaching decisions at the end have us scratching our heads.

new-england-patriots-200New England Patriots – Tom Brady is the GOAT, but you can’t deny that Gronk is what makes this team tick; having him back gave this team a much-needed spark.

new-orleans-saints-200New Orleans Saints – The Saints seem to have been relegated to playing the role of spoiler, and they embraced this role with a big win over a playoff hopeful team.

new-york-giants-200New York Giants – Monday Night Game.

new-york-jets-200New York Jets – This Jets team probably isn’t getting the credit they deserve, but the defense is solid and Decker/Marshall might be the best WR combo in the league.

oakland-raiders-200Oakland Raiders – Khalil Mack almost single-handedly beat the Broncos, as this defense played as well as it has all year.

philadelphia-eagles-200Philadelphia Eagles – This game was completely overshadowed by the Shady/Chip feud, but in the end, the Eagles got the upper hand.

pittsburgh-steelers-200Pittsburgh Steelers – Even if Dalton doesn’t get hurt, the Steelers had it working on offense – nobody wants to face the Steelers in the playoffs, that’s for certain.

san-diego-chargers-200San Diego Chargers – The Chargers are completely decimated on offense and it showed; but you can always count on Philip Rivers to play his heart out.

san-francisco-49ers-200San Francisco 49ers – The schedule hasn’t been friendly to the Niners lately, with back to back road games and early kickoffs (which is totally the reason why they lost).

seattle-seahawks-200Seattle Seahawks – A couple weeks ago, we said that the offense would have to take over this team and win some games – apparently they read our blog.

saint-louis-rams-200St. Louis Rams – Even bad teams win games every now and then – it’s just usually against other bad teams.

tampa-bay-buccaneers-200Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Make no mistake, the Buccaneers are vastly improved compared to last year’s squad, but it’s still not quite good enough to make the playoffs.

tennessee-titans-200Tennessee Titans – It’s crazy that it took 14 weeks for a 3-10 team to be eliminated from playoff contention, but that’s the AFC South for ya.

washington-redskins-200Washington Redskins – This team does no more than it has to in order to get a win – which is really considered an achievement in the NFC East.

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