Why Tony Romo Doesn’t Deserve His New Spot on CBS

Tony Romo has absolutely zero experience broadcasting football games. He has never been a color commentator for a football game at any level, yet, just days after leaving the NFL (for now), he finds himself in one of the most lucrative gigs in all of sports broadcasting. The sad thing is, he doesn’t deserve it.

I’m not about to sit here and proclaim the greatness of Phil Simms as an analyst. Truthfully, I wasn’t always the biggest fan of his commentary for CBS on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad for the former Giant. He got his job taken away, one that he had to work hard for after his playing days were over, and was replaced by an inexperienced Romo who was basically handed the job on a silver platter. I’m sure CBS put Romo in some scenarios in which he had to pretend he was broadcasting a game, but who knows how he’ll do in front of a live audience of millions of people. For all I know, he’ll be a good enough broadcaster to make folks forget about Simms, but I just find it unfair that a guy who paid his dues and was doing a good job got shoved aside for a bigger name who didn’t work hard for his new position.


Only time will tell, but I really think that CBS made a huge mistake in hiring Romo. Sure, he has the football IQ to be a competent analyst, but CBS’s ratings will not go up because of Romo, and it’s likely that he’ll face a ton of growing pains over at least the first half of next season.

Simms, on the other hand, will get a job over at FOX Sports, NBC, ESPN or any other company that knows his true worth as a good color commentator, and they’ll likely be better off than they were without him.



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