Terrell Owens Deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

The fact that Terrell Owens was not voted into the Hall of Fame a week ago is an embarrassment to the NFL and the Hall in general. It’s pure blasphemy that a player as good as T.O. was was barred from the Class of 2017 for his off-the-field “issues,” which weren’t even that big of a deal. I’m not here to bash any of the players who were vote in last Saturday night, but when Owens fails to make it in during his first year of eligibility and someone like a Terrell Davis does, it raises some major red flags.

Terrell Owens, pictured here playing for the Dallas Cowboys, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame by now.
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The Hall of Fame is supposed to be made up of the best players of all time; those who’s statistics are unmatched by most, if any, and who were some of the best to ever play their respective positions. That’s how it should be, but apparently the criteria to get in is different for Terrell Owens, who is statistically the second-greatest receiver in NFL history.

His antics and newsworthiness off of the field seem to matter more than his play on the field, and the sports writers and select players who get to vote on all eligible candidates must have put more emphasis on the fact that T.O. wasn’t the greatest teammate in the world. It makes me steamed that the voters chose to hold character in such high regard instead of taking into account Owens’ individual play and his dominance over his career. Don’t believe me? Here is just how dominant Owens was. He is second all-time in receiving yards with 15,934 in 14 seasons, second only to the great Jerry Rice and more than Marvin Harrison, Tim Brown, James Lofton and Cris Carter, all of whom are Hall of Fame members. He’s eight all-time in receptions with 1,078 and third in touchdowns with 153.

For a player who is in the top 10 in receiving yards, receptions and touchdowns, it is unfathomable as to why he was not voted in this year. It seems that the voters care more about the character of guys (Harrison, Brown, Carter) than their actually productivity on the field. He’ll probably get voted in in next year, but he deserved to be voted in during his second year of eligibility, and more than likely his first year in 2016. I hope the voters can put aside any personal feelings they have regarding Owens and exercise some objectivity when they cast their ballots in 2018. Terrell Owens is one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game, and he deserves to be enshrined in Canton.


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