Super Bowl XLVIII Spotlight: Denver Broncos Offense


The Denver Broncos were far and away the most prolific offense in the National Football league, during the 2014 season.  With Peyton Manning setting numerous single season records, and the entire offensive unit doing much of the same, the Broncos record matched their offensive production, finishing as one of the top teams in the league. Even on a bad day, the Broncos still score more points than the average teams in the league, which means this offense really can’t be beat.

Denver Broncos Offense vs. League Avg.

Total YDS/Game Pass YDS/Game Rush YDS/Game Points/Game
Broncos 457.3 340.3 117.1 37.9
League Avg. 348.5 235.6 112.9 23.4
% Difference 31% 44% 4% 62%

Denver Broncos Passing Attack

Peyton Manning runs this offense, as evidenced by the Broncos league leading 340 passing yards/game (44% higher than league average).  But even more impressive than the gaudy yardage is the efficiency with which the Broncos put points on the board.  The Broncos averaged 2.83 points per drive, which basically means, every time they touched the ball they got a field goal. During the regular season, they outscored the league average by more than two touchdowns. The Broncos averaged nearly 3.5 passing touchdowns per game, which shattered the previous record. Manning was gifted with one of the best receiving groups the game has ever seen (or did he make them great), with strong receiving threats at nearly every level of the field. The addition of Julius Thomas via the draft, really solidified this offense in the red-zone, giving Denver a much needed threat in goal-line situations.

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Denver Broncos Running Game

If the offense does have a weak spot, it is the running game.  Denver was 11th in rushing attempts, but just 15th in rushing yards. When you think about how many teams play with extra defensive backs to try and shut down the Broncos’ passing attack, those rushing numbers don’t seem too great.  Denver did average 1 rushing touchdown per game which is a bit better than league average, but they also had the lowest percentage of touchdowns come on the ground – a stat that might be skewed because of the high production of the passing offense. Still, don’t sleep on this unit as they are very dangerous when given the opportunity. Peyton does a good job of putting the running backs in a position to succeed, as Denver was among the top teams in the league in terms of positive rushes/attempt.

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Offensive Recap

As mentioned earlier – there is really no way to beat the Broncos offense – they have too many receivers to shut down and the running game is adequate at worst. If you want to beat the Broncos, you are going to have to put up 35+ points and not a lot of teams in the NFL are built to do that.


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