How Parity is Killing the NFL

Maybe I’m biased because I’m a Patriots fan, but parity is killing the NFL. Fans don’t like change, whether it’s with the rules, the players, or with the teams they love and hate. As a fan, I like knowing that the team who leads the division after week 10 is the strongest team that division has to offer. I question that validity in no fewer than five divisions this year. There are teams that everyone loves to hate: The Cowboys, the Patriots, the Chargers, the Packers. But how can we hate them when most of them aren’t even leading their divisions, let alone showcasing winning records?

Michael Vick’s Big Night

Apparently there are some ghosts that will haunt you no matter how far removed you are from them. sometimes it takes more than just a great night, or even a great season to forgive the transgressions of one’s past. Vick’s 6 total touchdowns (4 Passing, 2 Rushing), 300+passing yards, and 50+ rushing yards last night was an NFL first. Nobody in the decades prior to last night had ever turned in a performance like that. Vick is a perfect example of someone who had all the talent in the world, squandered it, was given a shot at redemption and capitalized on it.

Arian Foster Blew Up in Week 1

NFL Roundup Week 1 – Scores & Analysis

Week 1 of the 2010 NFL season is in the books and it was just about everything that we could have hoped for. We had fantasy leagues get blown up by relatively unknown players, we had officiating controversy that cost some teams a win, and we had epic matchups (some lived up to the hype, others not so much). So as we take a look back at what was an exciting opening week in the NFL, here are some brief notes on each of the games.

AFC West – 2010 NFL Season Preview

As we wrap up our NFL divisional previews and predictions for 2010, we head out west where the possibilities are as untamed as JaMarcus Russell’s deep ball. There is much to be said about this division, but none of it is really that good considering the AFC West only had one team over .500 on the season. As a whole, this division is weak defensively and doesn’t bring much to the table offensively either. The Chargers are again the early favorites to take the division, but the AFC Wildcard could still be an option for one of the remaining teams – let’s find out who.

NFC West – 2010 NFL Season Preview

This division was pathetic last season, but we aren’t here to talk too much about 2009. The Cardinals won the division last year, and look to be the front runners for taking the title in 2010 as well. The 49ers will probably be able to provide the most competition of any other team in this division, but again, top to bottom this is the worst division in the NFL. Let’s continue looking deeper to find out if there is a silver lining anywhere in this great cloud of the NFC West.