Why Odell Beckham Jr. is Right to Gripe

With the Odell Beckham Jr. sideline and on-field pouting a major topic of discussion for the past week, I though it might be a good idea to delve into the issue myself—and defend OBJ in the process.

What most people seem to lack an understanding of is why Beckham is upset in the first place. People see his mediocre stat sheet with zero touchdowns and they conclude that he’s only happy when he’s producing, regardless if the Giants win or not. They’re not completely wrong; Beckham is upset that he isn’t getting as many targets as he did last year, but it’s the reason why that many people have either seemed to over look or ignore.

Odell Beckham looks to haul in a pass in Monday night's loss in Minnesota.
Image by usatoday.com

Beckham believes he’s the best player on the field, a go-to guy for big plays in important situations. After garnering 25 touchdowns in his first 26 games, one can’t really argue that. Beckham believes the best chance the Giants have of putting points up on the board and winning are if he gets the ball in his hands. Rather than just being stat-obessed, he’s focused on winning games just like any other player; he just believes that he needs to see the ball more in order for New York to do so, and that’s where the confusion seems to be.

So, call Odell Beckham Jr. somewhat arrogant and cocky, but also understand his passion for the game and for winning. In a time where individuals seem to think they’re above their teams in the ultimate team game of football, it’s easy to think that Beckham is just another one of those players. Believe me when I say that couldn’t be further from the truth.


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