Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to our NFL Power Rankings for Week 12 of the 2013 regular season. Erica Blackburn (EB) handles the NFC and Aaron Garcia (AG) handles the AFC.








Denver Broncos



In what was the best matchup (record-wise) so far this season, Denver proved that they are still the class of the NFL, eventually breaking down one of the league’s top defenses.



Seattle Seahawks



It looks like the funk the Hawks were in a couple of weeks back is over. For the second week in a row, they have been dominant and now with Percy Harvin back, they are very explosive. Their bye week has come at the right time as the Saints will be marching into Seattle in 2 weeks.



Kansas City Chiefs



The Chiefs are still a very good team, despite the tough loss last week. The defense looks great, but at some point this year, the offense needs to step up and take over a game.



New Orleans Saints



Brees and Co. wasn’t nearly as explosive as they were against the Cowboys on Sunday against the San Fran 49ers. But Brees made the throws he needed to make and his team overcame 3 turnovers to ultimately win the game. They did, however, get a bad break when CB Jabari Greer went out early with a knee injury, but the defense still was pretty good.



Carolina Panthers



This team has emerged and is COMING for the Saints. The defense is very good and Cam Newton has seemed to have matured as a NFL QB.



New England Patriots



The Patriots are likely the best three loss team in the league, especially considering the fact that if a couple of calls go their way, they could easily be 9-1



Indianapolis Colts



The defense has been getting taken to school lately, giving up over 66 first half points in their last three games. To Luck’s credit; however he has been able to bring them back for victories in two of those contests.



Cincinnati Bengals



The Bengals continue to use their strong defense to pull away from the rest of the AFC North. The inconsistencies on offense are all that is holding Cincy back from being an elite team.



San Francisco 49ers



Lots of talk about that penalty Ahmad Brooks was flagged on against Drew Brees but I’m looking at the big picture. The offense didn’t do anything, only totaling 196 yards. Would Kaep and the offense have done something if the penalty wasn’t assessed? I’m not so sure. But Harbaugh needs to figure out how to fix this offense.



Detroit Lions



This is the most mind-boggling, inconsistent team in the NFC. The team seemed to have collapsed in the second half against Pittsburgh, but they have the ability to score within seconds (see Cowboys defense).



Arizona Cardinals



Oh goody! Carson Palmer threw for 419 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions! Although it was against the Jacksonville Jaguars, this may have been a spark for the Cards, who are now quietly 6-4.



Chicago Bears



A two hour weather delay made the game very bizarre but seemed to have snapped the Bears back into gear. Now with Jay Cutler out again, Matt Forte has to put the team on his back.



Green Bay Packers



This team is in a tough spot since Aaron Rodgers went down. Hopefully Rodgers will be back by Thanksgiving to compete for the NFC North.



Dallas Cowboys



Bye Week



Philadelphia Eagles



Is it safe to say that Nick Foles is the starting QB? According to Chip Kelly, it’s not. At any rate, Foles has handled his business in the last few games and now on top of the NFC East.



Pittsburgh Steelers



Unfortunately for the Steelers, they may have dug themselves too deep of a hole at the start of the season. This team is finally starting to put it together, but it may be too little, too late.



Miami Dolphins



With all the turmoil that this team has faced over the past few weeks, getting back in the win column was imperative. Now let’s see if this team can put the worst behind them and start winning some more games.



San Diego Chargers



The roller coaster continues for this Chargers squad, and barring a string of 5 or 6 wins, they will be left out of the playoff chase once again.



Baltimore Ravens



The Ravens can’t seem to get both the rushing and passing game going at the same time, and until it does, the losses will continue to pile up.



St. Louis Rams



Bye Week
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New York Giants



Here goes this team ripping off wins like they are turning on a light switch. Now, they are just 1 1/2 games behind the Eagles. Simply amazing.



Cleveland Browns



Although they weren’t superstars, the injuries at the QB position for the Browns have really put a damper on this team’s playoff hopes.



Tennessee Titans



Unfortunately for the Titans, there are only so many injuries a team can handle before dropping out of contention. It will take a miracle for the Titans to have any chance at a division title and the Wildcard could be slipping away as well.



Buffalo Bills



Even this deep in the season, we still don’t know what to make of the Bills. A playoff berth isn’t entirely out of the equation, but their chances are on thin ice.


New York Jets



The Jets are the only team this year to have not won or lost consecutive games. I’m not sure if that kind of inconsistency is pathetic or impressive.


Oakland Raiders



While the team continues to put up wins at a semi-regular rate, they seem to be doing it with a different cast of characters on offense every week. Until Oakland gets healthy, their success will be limited.


Washington Redskins



I contemplated putting the Bucs ahead of the Skins but I didn’t only because the Skins have a better record. I truly don’t recognize this team. RG3 looks terrible, the defense isn’t up to snuff and there seems to be locker room tension.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Now winning 2 games in a row, this team has seemed to right this ship after beginning the season sinking with off the field distractions.



Houston Texans



When a coach starts playing musical chairs at the QB position, it is usually the first sign that they are on the way out. Gary Kubiak is seeing the writing on the wall and is in full desperation mode.



Minnesota Vikings



They bring Josh Freeman in only to… start Christian Ponder? I have no idea where this team is headed & neither do the Vikings.



Atlanta Falcons



Yes, they have had lots of injuries on both sides of the ball, but it’s a shame how low this team has fallen. You think Tony G is going to return after this?


Jacksonville Jaguars



While good effort isn’t always rewarded with a win, Jacksonville continues to compete. They just don’t have the talent on either side of the football to win close games.

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