NFL Investigating Chargers Use of Illegal Substance on Gloves

The San Diego Chargers are being accused of something straight out of a movie, following last Monday Night’s game vs. the Denver Broncos.  According to the National Football League, the Chargers allegedly used a sticky substance on the gloves of the receivers during last week’s 35-24 loss to the Broncos.

According to a report from Fox Sports, “During Monday night’s game, an equipment manager came onto the field with an illegal substance on hand towels.  Line judge Jeff Bergman saw the towels and tried to confiscate the substance. When the equipment manager wouldn’t give it up, the officials made him empty his pockets and found a skin colored or clear type of tape.”

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These allegations, if found true, could come with some steep penalties including hefty fines and loss of draft picks. The substance alleged to be used by San Diego has been banned by the NFL since 1981.

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