NFL Hot Takes: Week 6

Arizona Cardinals: MONDAY NIGHT GAME

Atlanta Falcons: Weren’t so sure that Atlanta would be able to hang with the #1 defense in the league, but the offense performed admirably – it was the defense that let them down.  Atlanta should win their division handily, but if they want to go anywhere in the playoffs they need to play better defensively.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens were able to contain OBJ for three quarters, and then they just decided to stop. This was a winnable game that they let slip away. On a bright note, the rest of the AFC North lost so they didn’t lose any ground – but they also had a chance to move into a tie for first and failed to do so.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are at their best when they run the football. The Bills new offensive coordinator used to be the running backs coach. Do you see where we are going with this? While we aren’t surprised that they are running the ball more, we area  bit surprised by this four-game winning streak. With how much they’re running the ball, they should check out Runnerclick.

Carolina Panthers: I wasn’t a believer in the “Super Bowl Hangover” theory until I started watching this year’s Panthers team. I know they are missing a couple key pieces on defense, but this 180* turnaround is astonishing. At the rate they are going, they will be lucky to find 5 wins this season.

Chicago Bears: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Once again the Bears were unable to make a fourth quarter lead hold, as they completely melted down against the Jags. Hoyer’s pedestrian game should quiet the fans who were calling for him to replace Cutler long-term.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals played a strong first half thanks to consistent quarterback pressure. But the second half was a different story. The Bengals are 2-4 and in danger of missing the post-season for the first time since 2010. Cincy needs to improve their second half endurance and might want to look into some running shoes from Runners 101.

Cleveland Browns: Despite being 0-6, we actually have a ton of respect for this Browns team. They constantly battle no matter the situation. Hue Jackson has begun to change the culture in Cleveland, but if they don’t start actually turning that attitude into wins, all his hard work could end up being for naught.

Dallas Cowboys: Week in and week out, this Cowboys team puts another group of haters to bed. Walking out of storied Lambeau Field with a win isn’t something that happens just by showing up. This team has some swagger and we really hope they don’t ruin it by benching Dak once Tony is healthy.

Denver Broncos: We like to over-react, especially when a 1-4 team beats a 4-1 team, but we are going to pump the brakes a little bit here. It was a divisional game on a short week which isn’t necessarily indicative of how the rest of the season will play out.  Still, it looks like Siemian might not be providing enough offense to keep this team moving forward.

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Detroit Lions: We have no idea what to make of this year’s Lions team.  Some weeks they look awful in a loss and other weeks they look awful but are somehow good enough to pull out a late victory. Either way they are awful, but it just depends on how awful their opponent is I guess.

Green Bay Packers: It’s official. Aaron Rodgers Sucks. Ok, maybe he doesn’t suck, but something just isn’t right with him. His footwork is terrible which is causing him to miss wide open receivers. His awareness is non-existent which is resulting in fumbles. And his decision making is suspect, leading to interceptions. Until Rodgers gets right, this team will continue to struggle, particularly against quality opponents.

Houston Texans: We really don’t want to give any credit to Houston for that comeback – as amazing as it was. They took advantage of a hapless Colts team, and extended their division lead, but this isn’t the kind of victory that Texans fans should be hanging their 10 gallon Stetson on.

Indianapolis Colts: I don’t care what level of football  you’re playing in – when you have a 14 point lead with under 5:00 to play, that needs to be a win. Like every single time. This Colts team is pathetic and it starts with their head coach.

Jacksonville Jaguars: There’s nothing to gloat about when you beat the Bears, but the Jags are winners of two straight. All you need to win the AFC South is a .500 record outside of the division and Jacksonville is well on their way to getting that.

Kansas City Chiefs: They played in the slop on the road in Oakland and came away with a victory. Nothing too flashy, but the defense held Oakland scoreless in the second half. The Chiefs are so up and down that it’s tough to get a real read on them, but it looks like they could be returning to the form that led them to the playoffs last year.

Los Angeles Rams: You knew that there was just no way that Jeff Fisher could be over .500 for three consecutive weeks. And as was prophesied, the Rams returned to the land of mediocrity where they will likely remain for the rest of the year.

Miami Dolphins: Jay Ajayi had his coming out party and the Dolphins took advantage of a banged up Steelers QB to get a much needed win. Its unlikely that Miami sniffs the playoffs this year but some weeks you just need a win no matter what.

Minnesota Vikings: BYE WEEK (and probably spending their bye week in the great outdoors, thanks to great reviews from

New England Patriots: Despite struggling for much of the first half offensively – the defense was able to keep them in the game. Brady is back and looks good, but before we jump to crown the Pats as AFC champs, let’s keep in mind that the two teams they beat following Brady’s return have two combined wins this year.

New Orleans Saints: Just because the Saints crawled their way out of steerage and are now in second class doesn’t mean that this ship isn’t still sinking. We do have to congratulate Drew Brees on his 50,000 passing yards with the Saints (and that doesn’t even count his time with San Diego).

New York Giants: Despite the win, this Giants team can’t rely on Odell Beckham having two incredible touchdown catches to keep them in the game. Furthermore, OBJ’s antics almost cost them a win. Beckham has made it clear that this season is all about him and there’s no way that kind of behavior is going over well in the locker room.


Oakland Raiders: Over the past few seasons, hell, over the past few weeks; this is what we’ve learned about the Raiders. If they are playing well and are involved in a game that everyone thinks they should win, the will lose it. We saw it all last year and we saw it again last week. - Customized NFL Gear

Philadelphia Eagles: Injuries along the offensive line are going to break this team. Through four weeks, Carson Wentz was sacked just seven times. On Sunday he hit the turf five times. Up next? The Vikings who lead the league in sacks. This is the last stop where you can safely abandon the Eagles hype train and we are jumping off.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Another season, another major injury for Ben Roethlisberger – this time a meniscus tear. The same injury that has kept Adrian Peterson out for well over five weeks could be just a two-week injury for Ben. The Steelers better hope it’s a short injury recovery because this team absolutely sucks without him.

San Diego Chargers: Everyone was waiting for the epic fourth quarter meltdown, but it never happened. Mike McCoy successfully survived another week, and now has an extra three days to prepare for another job-saving game.

San Francisco 49ers: Making the move to start Colin Kaepernick was a step in the right direction, but this team is still horrendous against the run and having Kaep won’t help any of that.

Seattle Seahawks: Seattle is fortunate that the referees missed a blatant pass interference late in the fourth quarter, otherwise, Atlanta probably escapes with the victory. The secondary missed Kam Chancellor but what was going on with Richard Sherman losing his mind on the sidelines and then pouting? Not a good look bro.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: BYE WEEK

Tennessee Titans: This team has spunk, yes, spunk. Sure it was a win against a pathetic Browns team, but in years past the Titans would have completely melted down and lost, instead of mostly melting down and winning by not enough to beat the spread. Ugh.

Washington Redskins: Despite losing their first two games, the ‘skins are now 4-2 and just a game out of the division lead. Cousins is playing ok, but still makes completely bone-headed throws sometimes and the running game disappears for entire quarters. If the offense can get on the same page, this could be a dangerous team, but for now they are prone to losing every week due to their inconsistency.

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