Gambling – It’s Not Just for Vegas Anymore

Gambling has officially hit the NFL, and it’s not what it appears. I’m not talking about Sunday betting or over/unders – I’m talking about the latest trends of NFL General Managers and Players taking huge gambles in terms of their team and their careers. Some of the gambles these guys are taking are riskier than others, but in the end, I have a feeling that everyone is going to lose some serious cash over these bets.

Brandon Marshall Becomes Highest Paid WR in NFL

Will Marshall Get Enough Catches to Earn that Paycheck?

Why is this a gamble? Marshall is a quality receiver, entering his prime and has put up decent numbers in the past, so is there really a big risk in making him the highest paid Wide Receiver in the game? Yeah, and for a number of reasons. Sure – somebody HAS to be the highest paid receiver in the league, but paying that much money for a guy who still needs a decent QB to throw him the ball is like paying for an expensive paint job on a Toyota Tercel. Yes, Chad Henne has a good arm, but he was wild and indecisive at times last year which means Marshall might not have a chance to get the ball enough times to make his contract worthwhile. Furthermore, he has proven to be a hot head and was even benched for insubordination last year. Every game this guy misses because of his attitude this year is money lost on that guaranteed contract.

Darrelle Revis Holds Out of Jets Training Camp

Darrelle Revis is Gambling on his Contract with the Jets

Any time a player holds out of minicamp, they are taking a gamble. In the NFL, training camp is where rookies and perennial second and third stringers can showcase their skills to the coach on a more even playing field. The longer a player holds out, the more reps the coach gets to see with the rookie at your position, the more one on one time he gets with the coach, and the less time you spend preparing for the season (sit-ups in the driveway don’t count T.O.). What’s worse is that Jets coach Rex Ryan stated that they can win without Revis. Well $#!@, there goes that plan right? I want more money from this team, but they say they don’t need me at all? I’d better get my butt in gear and show that I can actually do something for the team I’m demanding millions from. But most players never get this and the GM’s usually cave and give the player what they want. It’s still a huge risk though, especially if the GM puts any stock whatsoever in what his highly publicized coach has to say. Revis might never play for the Jets again if this gamble doesn’t pay off.

Jay Cutler Predicts More INT’s

Oh no. OH NO! Jay Cutler, every fantasy owner’s dream two years ago turned into an NFL pariah last season by throwing an astonishing 26 interceptions, yet he claims that more are on the way. That’s right, Jay Cutler is betting that the fans in Chicago will take it easier on him if he announces that he is expecting to do poorly this season as opposed to having them find out in week 1. Sure, he is playing for Mike Martz in a pass whacky offense so naturally he is at a greater risk for more INT’s, but why not claim that you are going to work harder in camp to learn the offense, read defenses and get smarter with the ball? Dear Fans, Jay Cutler here. Thanks for all your support last season as I led our storied Chicago Bears to a third place finish. Thanks to the Detroit Lions who made this third place finish possible – without them we would have been DFL. And lastly, I’d like to assure the fans in Chicago that nothing is going to change, in fact, things might even get worse, but don’t be too hard on me. Despite being a veteran NFL QB, I am working with a new offensive coordinator – probably the first time anyone as great as I am has played under a new system. Don’t blame the losses on me, even if I stall drives with ill advised passes and noodle arm interceptions – I’m here for the long haul. Thank you.

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