Mid-Season Report Cards – AFC East

With the 2013 NFL season a little more than halfway over, it’s time to grade the teams in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills: C+

Injuries have plagued this team, which is doesn’t necessarily make them different than any other team in the league, but a young team trying to build trust and confidence can ill afford to have its starting QB go down so early in the season. Things could be a lot worse up in Buffalo, but if you like to gamble on your favorite sports team, it might be a good idea to find another team to follow.

Miami Dolphins: D-

Miami started off hot out of the gate, and even up until a few weeks ago, we still felt like the ‘phins could contend for the division title. But a few bullying allegations and inappropriate texts later, and Miami is a team in total disarray. The real loser in all of this Dolphins controversy? Ryan Tannehill who is on pace to be one of the most sacked QB’s in league history. Thankfully for the fans in South Beach, the Miami Heat season is underway.

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New England Patriots: B+

While the Patriots could realistically be 9-0, they could also just as easily be 5-4, which is why despite their stellar record and apparent stranglehold on the AFC East, New England only gets a B+. It always seems that the longer the season goes, the better Bill Belichick coached teams get, so it will be interesting to see how much better this team gets after Thanksgiving.

New York Jets: B-

The Jets are a team, much like the Patriots that could possibly have a couple more wins and/or losses in either column, but thanks to some late-game craziness, their record has washed out to what it is today. At the beginning of the season, things looked horrible in New York, but then Geno Smith began to play decent (not great) and the running game got going and the defense began to find itself. Don’t look now but Rex Ryan may have just bought himself another year as the Jets Coach.

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