Los Angeles Doesn’t Need One Football Team, Let Alone Two

In the latest of moves showcasing the ineptitude of the management and ownership of the San Diego Chargers management, the bolts are bolting to Los Angeles for the 2017 season. This is just the latest sign of a franchise that has for so long been a mediocrity in the NFL with poor draft classes and coaches. There seems to be a Joey Bosa holdout-type of situation every yea, and there’s a reason why Eli Manning refused to play for the Chargers after they drafted him in 2004. Dean Spanos and his organization spit in the faces of loyal fans in the San Diego area who, for the past 50 plus years have attended games no matter how good or bad the team was. They went to games when they could have gone to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Old Town or just gone to their beautiful beach and surfed all day. It’s a shame too, because the town they’re so eager to move to doesn’t even want the team that they have now.

The StubHub! Center, home to the LA Galaxy, will also be the home of the Chargers for the next two years.
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Los Angeles has always been a basketball town, and always will be one. It’s no secret that the Lakers dominate the town and market, while the Clippers have gained considerable traction since coming from San Diego in 1984. The Los Angeles Rams, regardless of how bad they were this season, would likely not have received the support that a team like the Raiders–still favorites in the city–would have gotten. The Rams averaged just over 66,000 people per home game this season in the Los Angeles Coliseum, which holds over 93,000. If anything, their numbers were that high just due to the fact that football was back in town and dropped significantly as the season progressed.

The new logo for the Los Angeles Chargers is similar to that of another team in the city, the Dodgers.
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In comparison, the Staples Center, home the Lakers, holds 21,000 people. Even with the Lakers at 15-27 and one of the worst teams in the Western Conference, they still average over 18,000 fans per game. The reason they still sell gain interest even if they aren’t good is because of their brand and the success that is historically synonymous with the Lakers. The Rams and the Chargers certainly don’t have a winning pedigree like the Lakers, and the fact that they aren’t good will never help their case. The Chargers are now at the bottom of the totem pole in their own home town, let alone the league they “compete” in. It’s just the latest step in the wrong direction for an organization that has been lacking directing ever since Ladainian Tomlinson left the team. So, go ahead and change your logo, color scheme, jerseys and move into the stadium also used by the LA Galaxy, a team that will most likely be more popular than you. That stadium holds just under 27,000 people, but you still may not fill it up.


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