Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez?

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Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith, Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez that is the question. Who will be the starter this year for the NY Jets? This is a trick question one that can make you go crazy because neither one can truly succeed with what is built around them. Which is why Mark Sanchez should be the Jets Quarterback this year. Let’s just hold on a second here, this is the Jets we are talking about. They have never made sense we can start with passing on Dan Marino, In the 2008 draft passing up on Joe Flacco and Matt Flynn for Vernon Gholston only to sign Brett Farve. This organization has only made the right call one time and that was Joe Namath. So despite Mark Sanchez’s faults he is the right choice. He is a lame duck and this team is not a win now team. And starting Geno Smith will not change that, nothing on the offense is built for him to succeed.

The best thing the Jets can do is start Sanchez and let Geno Smith learn from the bench. In the off season draft some weapons for Geno Smith who by then will have a better feeling for the NFL. He is not Andrew Luck, He is not RG3, and he is more of a Russell Wilson and Kapernick type quarterback. They were successful because who they had around them, the Seahawks and 49ers are much better teams then the Jets from top to bottom. Smith starting this year will only have a negative effect on his career. There is no chance of Smith succeeding, if Smith fails it will set the teams back years. Fail one more year for a better chance to win for years. Does Rex Ryan have that luxury, no he doesn’t and he shouldn’t.

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If you look at the Jets draft picks since Ryan took over it has been defense there has been no help to the quarterback. No Jets quarterback will become anything special under Rex Ryan. Let Sanchez take the beating this year while Smith gets a full grasp of the system. Rex and Sanchez are gone next year, draft players that can help a quarterback improve and start next season with a wiser and more prepared Geno Smith. Again this is the Jets we are talking about they need to grab headlines they need to be loud and at the center of attention so Geno Smith will start for the Jets this year. Sell tickets, jerseys and get the kid killed with that weak offensive line they have.

How about the no named wide receiver core and who’s their tight end? For once being quiet is the way to go and you would think after sticking their foot in their mouths for 4 years straight they would have learned that. Sorry Mark but your coach who has left you dry for 3 years straight now will be putting you on the bench. His flaws have played out into Mark Sanchez’s game and it shows. The only contributing factor that Geno Smith can give you is his legs and ask Washington how they felt when RG3 was laying on the field holding his knee.

He is not the passer Luck or RG3 are if Smith starts he will fail and after his ordeal in the draft I don’t know if he is ready mentally ready to start either. I go with the lame duck let him take the pounding until Smith is ready it is the only move that makes sense. Too many negatives can happen for this organization if Smith starts and fails. Prepare him to succeed not fail and you won’t end up with the same situation you are in with Sanchez.


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