Week 11 Fantasy Football Breakdown (1pm Contests)

Here we go! Another week in fantasy football! I know you are looking over the schedule and trying to figure out who to play with the #Saints being on bye. I know, let’s cry together because that was guaranteed fantasy points on a week to week basis.

With that being said, we need to find some plays to help us dominate our leagues this week. I will breakdown each game with good plays of the week, italicize my favorite plays & at the end, I will give out my #VisionaryInTraining pick of the week. Also, I’ll be publishing my 4pm games tomorrow before the 1pm games kick-off. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Teams that are on bye: Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants

Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions

crabtree-ff-ebLine: EVEN

O/U: 50

This is the game where you will get the bulk of your fantasy points from. Vegas forsees this game being the highest scoring contest for the week, so we need to take that to the bank.

Matthew Stafford – Can’t have shootout without great quarterback play! With no Aldon Smith terrorizing Stafford, I expect Stafford to put that Raider secondary in tough situations. On average, the #Raiders are yielding 293.2 yards to QBs this season.

Calvin Johnson – The #Raiders have surrended over 100 yards in 3 of the last 9 games played to WRs; over 200 yards in 5 of the last 9 games played.

Eric Ebron – The #Raiders have allowed a score to TEs in all but one game this season.

Derek Carr – Have you been keeping up with Carr’s gameplay this season? He is balling! I expect more of the same against a #Lions defense that has given up the third most fantasy points to QBs this season.

Latavius Murray – #Lions have given up eight 20+ yard runs to RBs, four 40+plus yard runs & 14 TDs to RBs, which leads the NFL.

Michael Crabtree – #Lions best cornerback, Darius Slay, has had a good season quiet as its kept and I expect him to draw Amari Cooper. I like Cooper this week, but I love Crabtree even better. Crabtree is averaging 9.4 targets a week and he’ll be going up against a #Lions defense who have surrendered a least 70 yards and a touchdown to opposing WRs.


Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons

Line: ATL -5.0

O/U: 47.5

This game is very intriguing to me in a variety of reasons. #Colts will be starting Matt Hasselbeck at QB and although it may appear to be an easy game for the #Falcons, Hasselbeck, in his last 2 starts, are 2-0 and he hasn’t turned the ball over. #Falcons have had issues getting to the quarterback this season, so I think Hasselbeck will be formidable in this contest.

Devonta Freeman – #Colts struggle to stop the run & have given up eight 20+ yard runs, & nine TDs to RBs. Plus, he is definitely having a Pro-Bowl year & its safe to ride this wave until the wheels fall off.

Julio Jones – I know Jones will draw Vontae Davis in this contest, but I don’t care. #Colts haven’t played a game yet where they didn’t give up less than 100 yards to WRs and only one game where a opposing WR didn’t score.

Leonard Hankerson – He is returning from injury and reports out of Flowery Branch said that Hankerson was getting lots of goal-line and red-zone work with Ryan and could potentially be a primary red-zone target. If he can snag you a couple touchdowns, then that would be awesome, but he is contrarian.

Frank Gore – #Falcons haven’t given up many rushing yards to opponents, but they have surrendered 11 TDs, second behind the #Lions.

Coby Fleener – Hasselbeck likes using his TEs and in the last game he started, Fleener had 12 targets, behind T.Y. Hilton’s 13.

Donte Moncrief – Looking at recent games Moncrief played, he hasn’t exactly wowed you. I don’t have much stats to backup my pick, except for the fact that Trufant will lock up Hilton and Hasselbeck sent nine balls to Moncrief, which he caught 6 for 75 yards.


New York Jets at Houston Texans

Line: NYJ -3.0

O/U: 40.5

TJ Yates being QB throws a monkey wrench in my original plans, but maybe not. #Texans start wide-out DeAndre Hopkins is hobbled and he will be on a bit of a vacation on Revis Island. Hopkins is a stud and I expect him to get his, I just don’t like the matchup. I honestly don’t really care for anybody in this game, for I believe it will be a snoozefest that will be capped off by a field goal. #Jets win.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

Line: PHI -7.0

O/U: 44.5

I think Tampa Bay will struggle in this game, mainly because it is in Philly and the weather may affect Winston and his team. This game could get ugly by halftime.

Mark Sanchez – Sanchez runs this Eagles at a faster tempo than Bradford did, & that leaves me to believe more offensive snaps for the #Eagles. Plus, the #Bucs have given the fourth most passing touchdown to opposing offenses this season.

Darren Sproles – No Mathews in the lineup and Sproles complaining about his touches leads me to believe Chip Kelly will play him more and he will go offfff.

Philadelphia Eagles D/ST – #Eagles have 12 interceptions for the season, which is ranked fifth in the league this year. Cold weather + rookie QB = good eating for a defense who not only ranks fifth in interceptions, but fourth in forced fumbles (13).

Mike Evans – Garbage time stats = great fantasy points and I’m banking on Evans getting a million snaps even if with Vincent Jackson being active.


Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears

Line: EVEN

O/U: 40.5

This game is interesting for the simple fact that #Broncos will be starting Brock Osweiler in place of a beat up Peyton Manning. Vegas sees this game going either way, which is surprising seeing that the #Broncos still have an elite defense. I think #Bears Head Coach, John Fox, who drafted Osweiler will torment him and Jay Cutler will find a way to dissect this defense.

Jay Cutler – I know you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, for bad Cutler to emerge to the surface. But he has been playing relatively well so far. Cutler has thrown at least one of his 13 TDs in each of the eight games he’s played and only two of his five INTs in the last five. Plus, Cutler will be playing his old team, which may add some motivation. I say ride the donkey til he breaks down!

Jeremy Langford – He won’t play good agains the #Rams, they said. The matchup is bad, they said. Well Langford, laughed out the #Rams defense after rushing for 145 yards, catching 10 passes for 179 and scoring three TDs. WHOA! “But he won’t do that against the #Broncos” they are saying. Well, that Denver D has allowed 226 on the ground in the last two contests, so why not?

Demaryius Thomas – He will benefit greatly by Osweiler being a ‘one read’ type of player, which more than likely will be him. The only explanation I have for putting Thomas on this list.


Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins

cowboys-ff-ebLine: EVEN

O/U: 46

Tony Romo returns and all is write in the world for Dallas fans. I think they will take the pressure off Romo in his return and run Darren McFadden for majority of the game.

Darren McFadden – #Dolphins give up a average of 135.6 yards rushing a game, ranked second behind the #Browns. With that #Cowboys offensive line, I forsee McFadden having a field day (if he can stay on the field).

Dez Bryant – For the simply fact that Romo is back could add a boost in confidence in Dez. Miami has given up big games to #1 wide receivers this season and I don’t see why Dez can’t have a big one.

Lamar Miller – On the flip side, the #Cowboys have given up 10 TDs rushing this season, ranked third in the league. Miller has the ability to break a long one off on Dallas and I believe he does.

Jarvis Landry – #Cowboys gave up 133 yards and 126 yards respectively in the past two games against #1 receivers. I don’t expect those type of numbers, but maybe 70 yards and a touchdown is formidable. But there are better wide receiver options.


Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers

Line: CAR -8.0

O/U: 44.5

Classic, classic trap game for the #Panthers. But, they are going up against Kirk Cousins and he is due for a turnover-filled game. I don’t think this game is even close.

Cam Newton – He continues to shine each game and I don’t see that changing in this game. #Redskins give the third most rushing yards in the league and nobody has proven to stop him from ‘dabbing on them folks’ yet, so the Panthers continue to ride high.

Greg Olsen – The #Redskins have actually been pretty good against the tight ends this season, but I just have this feeling that it will be a Greg Olsen day. Washington will be so hellbent on stopping the run, that Olsen will run at full-speed the seam all game long.

Jordan Reed – I expect the #Panthers to be up by double digits for majority of the game, which will force Cousins to pass the ball more. His favorite target seems to be Reed and he will be needed in garbage time.


#VisionaryInTrainingPick – #Texans WR Nate Washington

texans-ff-ebI know I said I don’t like anybody in the Texans x Jets game, but I do have a visionary pick from that game. Revis will take Hopkins, which leaves Washington to be on #Jets CB Antonio Cromartie who has struggled this season. Here are some wide receiver 2’s that the Jets faced this season and their stat-line:

Donte Moncrief, 122 yards and a touchdown

Kenny Stills, 81 yards and a touchdown

Danny Amendola, 86 yards and a touchdown

Michael Crabtree, 102 yards and a touchdown

Allen Hurns, 122 yards and a touchdown.

I was struggling with choosing between Shorts/Washington, but I settled on Washington simply because he has more targets and more touchdowns than Shorts (Shorts-1, Washington-3).

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