Denver Broncos Could Lose Their Top Free Agents


As if the end of the season was not bad and hurtful enough for the Denver Broncos, the team will have to deal with lots of stuff during the offseason. Perhaps, the most urgent thing is to handle the situation with the players that will be free agents. A problem for the team’s front office is that all these players will most probably get big offers from teams around the entire league. And it is not like these players are just reserves or are coming off a bad season. In fact, the Broncos’ top three free agents played very important roles last season, both on offense and on defense.

Maybe the most sounded name is Eric Decker. He is coming off a career-year in which he had 87 receptions for 1,288 yards and 11 touchdowns. Not bad for a second wide receiver. It’s true that the guy throwing him the ball was Peyton Manning, one of the greatest of all times, but what Decker did last season has a lot of merit. The wide receiver showed a few of his capabilities. Last year he was a constant threat to opposing defenses and he plans to keep it that way.

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In Decker’s mind, staying in Denver is a good option, as he will be fighting for wins but it is true that he also wants to get paid as a top receiver and in Denver such a thing is almost impossible to happen. There is a team that will also be fighting for the Super Bowl title next year, that also possesses a great quarterback and that is in desperate need of a wide receiver like Decker. Could you imagine the New England Patriots’ offense be led by Tom Brady and throwing the ball to Decker, Amendola, Edelman and Gronkowski? Scary.

Knowshon Moreno was the leading running back for the team last year. He managed to run for 1,038 yards and he also scored 10 touchdowns in a one-dimensional offense. Last year was also a career one for him as he finally stood out with his performances after many disappointing seasons. He showed that he is a good player, but he is not sure that he has what a great leading running back needs to be an elite one. His status is not even close to a star, so he won’t be getting a big paycheck. Maybe testing the free agency market is a tempting thing to do but if he stays in Denver he knows that the starting running back job is his, and that is something that he won’t get for sure in another team.

And last but not least, Shaun Philips arrived last season from the San Diego Chargers with one task, to improve an already good defense and to be a leader for the team. He didn’t let anyone down as he achieved 10 sacks, a couple of forced fumbles, one interception and five blocked passes. His age might help the Broncos arrange a deal with the defensive end for an affordable price.

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