Why Dallas Should Choose Dak over Romo

With Tony Romo’s back fully healed and his return expected to come within the next few weeks, debates have been swirling around the sports world as to whether or not Romo should immediately start and take over the reins from rookie quarterback Dak Prescott.  Anyone who says that Romo has to be the starter when he comes back doesn’t understand how valuable Dak has been for the Cowboys and how good he has made everyone around him, including coaches. Not only should Dak remain a starter, but Dallas should completely move on from a Tony Romo era plagued with injury, little playoff appearances, and zero championships.

Dak Prescott has gotten the Cowboys off to a division-leading 4-1 start.
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Prescott has been nothing short of sensational for the Cowboys, leading them to a 4-1 record and a place atop the NFC East. His numbers aren’t off the charts great, but he’s taken good care of the football, only fumbling once and throwing no interceptions. He’s thrown for 1,239 yards and four touchdowns on a completion percentage of 69, and has a QBR of 86.7, trailing only behind Matt Ryan for the best in the NFL.  With these numbers, there shouldn’t be a quarterback “controversy” at all. He’s clearly getting the job done, and why would Dallas want to mess with what has been working well so far?

Tony Romo wouldn’t be that big of a difference from Prescott at this point his career, especially when considering that the offensive line would still arguably be the best in football and that they have the best statistical running back in the league with Ezekiel Elliot. With these constants, it almost doesn’t matter who the Cowboys start, but from a continuity and chemistry angle, Dak makes perfect sense. The team seems to be gelling under his leadership, and it might be a good idea to keep the status quo while things are going well. Tony Romo won’t be around forever, and getting Dak this experience as a rookie could pay off in a few years when Dallas brings home a long-awaited championship for a city and fanbase that is so accustomed to winning.


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