Carson Wentz #GarbShotz goes Viral after 5 Years on YouTube

When Carson Wentz was a freshman at North Dakota State University, he and a couple friends made a trick shot video. In case you forgot what five years ago was like, trick shot videos were all the rage, showing kids and adults alike making baskets from across the yard, off roofs, bouncing off cars, and literally anything you can think of. Wentz and his buddies put their own twist on it, calling it #GarbShotz as they threw wads of paper into trash cans in a hilarious parody of these trick shot videos.

Fast forward to 2016 and Wentz is killing it as quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, but Philly fans on /r/eagles haven’t forgotten about GarbShotz. Now they are editing highlight gifs of Wentz, depicting him throwing touchdown passes of trash to his receivers as trash cans.

Week 1 GarbShotz Highlights

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Week 2 GarbShotz Highlights

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Week 3 Garbshotz Highlights

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