Big Names Available on the NFL Free Agent Market

Adrian Peterson.  Jamaal Charles.  DeMarcus Ware.  Darrelle Revis.  Tony Romo.

These are just a few of the familiar names that have hit the NFL free agent market in the last few days.

Former Pro Bowl veterans that have anchored their squads over the better part of the last decade.  The addition of so many former cornerstone players will make both the NFL draft and the free agency signing period very interesting.

While running backs in their thirties with previous knee injuries are not exactly foundations for a team’s future, the fact that Peterson and Charles will be available to bolster someone’s roster still comes as a shock.

Peterson was owed $18 million for next year in Minnesota, and the writing was on the wall, but “AD” has only played 1 full season in the last three and may still have gas left in the tank.  The New York Giants are one team already showing interest in Peterson, and it will be interesting to see who else comes calling on the 31-year-old back.

Charles, who suffered an ACL tear in 2016, would be an attractive addition to a contending team looking for a spark in the backfield.  Charles has only logged 83 carries the last two seasons, so there may be tread on the tires.  A team like Green Bay may be a fit for Charles, somewhere he would not have to be the workhorse on offense.

Another big name that isn’t officially on the free agent market yet is Dallas’ Tony Romo.  The veteran has also had his share of injuries the last few seasons, but if surrounded with the right cast could take a team far.  It’s not a question if Romo can still play in the league, it’s if his 36-year-old body can take the pounding physical toll of the NFL.  A playoff team like the Houston Texans may take a long hard look at Romo, as they already have a stout defense and playmakers at wide receiver.

This year’s NFL free agent class may offer fans one last look at some of the best players of the last generation, and offer those players one last run at glory.


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