Would Adrian Peterson Actually Consider Going to the Giants?

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has made some not-so-subtle tweets about his impressions regarding the New York Giants and some of the moves they’ve made this offseason. His most recent tweet came earlier this week in response to the Giants releasing running back Rashad Jennings, along with wide receiver Victor Cruz. Peterson tweeted that “The Giants have been making some interesting moves.” It seems relatively harmless, but speculation spread like wildfire soon after Peterson sent this tweet out in regard to his potential signing with the Giants when he becomes a free agent after his current contract ends. In my eyes, Peterson would be a great addition to the Giants, and both would be the beneficiaries of this deal if it were to happen.

As of right now, the Paul Perkins will start for the Giants, and most fans would be okay with that. After all, he is much more explosive and definitely faster than Jennings was, and he showed some big-play abilities with an awful offensive line in 2016. The Giants could more than likely contend for a playoff spot next season with Perkins in their backfield and a healthy Eli Manning, but Perkins hasn’t proven that he is a viable full-time option yet. I think that bringing in Peterson and moving Perkins to a second-string role in a few years could make them a formidable rushing attack and finally make the Giants a legitimate dynamic offense.

Adrian Peterson could join all of these Giant defenders in New York once his current contract expires.
Image by Pro Football Weekly

The move make sense for Peterson too, who hasn’t experienced a tremendous amount of winning in Minnesota. Things were looking up with the emergence of Teddy Bridgewater as one of the game’s up-and-coming quarterbacks, but the fact that he won’t be able to play again this season must have Peterson concerned about the amount of time he has to win a championship. He doesn’t have too many years left with the amount of abuse he takes every game at his position, and he likely wants to go to a team with a viable chance to win a Super Bowl, which the Giants are. They have a good defense and a nice passing game, but they need a ground game to compete, which is something that Peterson knows he could provide there. Plus, New York City still has that allure that other cities just don’t, and big time player like Peterson would like nothing more than to play in that spotlight.

It’s a move that makes sense for both parties concerned. The Giants would get a huge boost to their running game, while Peterson would get to play for a team with legitimate championship aspirations. I’m not saying it’s a done deal, but Peterson’s tweet is a telling sign that he’s definitely thinking about it. Whether he’ll act on those thoughts when his contract is up, however, remains to be seen.


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