Why Texas A&M Will Win the 2014 BCS National Championship…and Why Bama Will Not


This is a guest post by Aaron Dougherty. Aaron is avid sports fan that resides in the Raleigh, NC area.  He has a degree in Sport Management from North Greenville University and enjoys writing about, reading, and watching sports in his spare time.

Why Texas A&M Will win the 2014 National Championship

#1.  A&M has Johnny Manziel.  The Johnny Factor will be the main reason A&M goes through undefeated season this year.  Like him or not, Johnny Football evokes a certain confidence in his teammates that is rare and unfounded for someone his age and in his leadership position. Who else could win the Heisman as a freshmen?  At the same time, Johnny produces a fear in his opponents that may go unsaid but none the less stands in the back of minds of those who play against him.  Johnny and A&M cannot be separated.  It is reminiscent of Michael Jordan and the The Bulls.  eHarmony could not have made a better match and  opposing teams cannot fathom one without the other. So rest assured, when Bama comes rolling into College Station this year, Johnny and A&M’s previous success will be in the back of their mind.

#2.  A&M has a 3 game schedule.  Alabama at home, LSU on the road, and an SEC east team such as Georgia or South Carolina awaiting them in the SEC championship game.  The 12th man will be a factor when Bama comes to town on Sept. 14 and Johnny will be enough for a win on the road in Bayou country plus a win at a neutral site in the SEC championship game.

#3.  Coach Sumlin said so.  Ok, Sumlin has not come out and said A&M will win a national championship this season…but if you read between the lines, you can see that the truth lies within.  Sumlin did say at the Spring game that if all went right, A&M would be a little better (that includes the defense) than last year.  Let’s face the facts:  Last year A&M’s team, quarterback, defense, and coaching staff were better than everyone thought they would be.  No one argues that A&M was the hottest team at the end of last season.  A “better” A&M will be enough to take the title this year.

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So here’s why the 2014 campaign won’t belong to Bama,

#1.  Bama plays at A&M.  Last year, a down Bama team (close victories over LSU and UGA) won a down college football season.  This year’s Bama’s team is not as good as past Bama teams while at the same time, the competition has stiffened.  Last year’s Bama team was not good enough to beat A&M at home and this year’s Bama team will not be good enough to beat A&M on the road.  Indeed, this year’s college football championship runs through College Station and A&M and Bama are on a collision course to determine which program reigns supreme.  Even Hollywood (just check out their twitter accounts) quarterbacks McCarron and Manziel are scheduled to vacation together in Key West or Cancun near the end of May.  But there will be no love loss when their teams lock it up this fall.

#2.  Bama is not as deep this year in key positions.  Alabama is as strong as any team in the nation when their full unit is on the field. McCarron, Yelton, and Cooper match up well against any team’s defense and Bama’s defense reloads every year.  However, with the departure of backup Phillip Sims to the Univ. of Virginia last year, Bama looks less than astute at the backup qb position should AJ go down with an injury.  Derrick Henry should be a great running back and may follow in the likes of Ingram, Richardson, and Lacy but it’s a tough task to ask a freshman rb who missed the spring game due to injury the be that consistent backup back Bama is used to having.  All that being said, A&M is the only team that can go toe to toe with a Bama team at full strength and beat them.

#3.  The odds are against them.  Back to back to back national championships are hard enough to come by.  It’s not that it can’t be done or hasn’t been done.  It just doesn’t happen much.  College football is not like college basketball.  What happened with Wooden and UCLA in the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s will never happen in college football.

There are other reasons that the Aggies will take college football’s most prestigious crown this year and Alabama will not…A&M’s stable of high quality running backs, a mini-Manziel back-up qb in the making, Johnny’s improved throwing mechanics, Bama’s poor spring game (just ask Saban), etc.  But suffice to say, Bama fans will have one reason to smile.  The BCS National Championship will stay in the SEC for an 8th consecutive year and that will make all SEC fans happy!

About Aaron Dougherty

Aaron is an avid sports fan that resides in the Raleigh, NC area.  He has a degree in Sport Management from North Greenville University and enjoys writing about, reading, and watching sports in his spare time. He is the beat writer for SEC sports on www.AllSportsTalk.net


  1. Top reason the Dawgs might or might not win it all this year,

    They Might…
    Reason: Mark Richt has a plan

    They Might Not…
    Reason: No one knows what his plan is

    1. A friend of mine read your comment and thought it was funny. Is Richt operating a top secret organization down in Athens? If so, it could be good or bad, as you say, depending on the end of season results.

  2. I just can’t see Nick Saban losing to A&M again after last year. Personally, I don’t like him but he is great coach and I believehe will come up with a game-plan to pull out a victory. I don’t think Bama will win the national championship but i do believe they will beat A&M

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