This one is for all the Crystals!


The BCS National Championship Football game matchup is set for Monday, January 6 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA between #1 Florida State Seminoles (ACC Champs) and #2 Auburn Tigers (SEC Champs). Not only will college football fans be saying good riddance to the entire BCS system, the BCS Coach’s Trophy will be expiring as well. Beginning in the 2014-15 college football season, we will no longer see a Crystal given to College Football’s Champion.

The Crystal goes back farther than the BCS itself. The Crystal has been given out to the perennial champion since 1986. However, recently the crystal has fallen on hard times. Last year, Carlton Tinker, the father of long snapper for the Crimson Tide, Carson Tinker, somehow knocked the crystal off of its stand causing what else but $30,000 of broken glass. And who can forget in 2008 when the then Florida Gators recruit player Orson Charles accidentally broke the Gators’ beloved crystal (of course, he signed with Georgia). I will not miss the BCS but I will miss reading the headlines of those schools who cannot take secure measures to take care of that which they so hardily worked to obtain.

So which team will earn the rights this year to break the Crystal? Going by the traditional odds, we would have to say the Auburn Tigers. SEC schools are 9-1 when going for the Crystal and the only loss came when SEC member school LSU lost to SEC member school Alabama in the 2012 title game. However, contemporary odds opened by having the Seminoles favored by a touchdown.

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The stats, the players, the breakdowns and overviews have all been done. It’s time to play the game! Two things stand out to me. First, Auburn is tested, proven, and improving week to week. They are hitting their peak and championship teams always do. SEC expert and radio show host Paul Finebaum has been saying since the win vs. Alabama, he would not pick against Auburn if they were playing the Denver Broncos. Auburn feels they are a team of destiny and has proven that in their last two miracle finishing victories. Second, is the speed of Florida State’s defense. This may indeed be the fastest defense Auburn has seen all season. However, the difference is Florida St. remains unproven. While, Auburn has faced 6 Top 25 teams, FSU is the weakest in terms of scheduling competition to play in the title game in the past ten years. Florida State does own the Heisman Trophy winner but how will the freshman QB handle real pressure.

However, Florida St. is undefeated and has earned the right to play for the title. SEC dominance may be coming to an end as the Football Playoff Series begins next season. A new dynamic may bring new results. Adding another play in game to an already tough schedule makes things even more difficult for SEC teams to repeat their BCS success. But in this modern BCS era, SEC has owned the BCS Championship Game and I too wouldn’t bet against Auburn if they were playing the Denver Broncos.

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