Johnny the Kid

Johnny Manziel is the most polarizing, controversial, conflicting, popular, hyped, and conceited football player to ever play the college game. The Heisman Trophy belongs to an exclusive club whose key component is not play, but rather character. Many players who belong to the Heisman Club are less than thrilled that Johnny Football has been included. But Johnny will not change for anyone. That is just Johnny being Johnny.


Some people don’t like or hate Johnny. They love him. They love his arrogance, his attitude, his swag! You don’t just sign thousands of autographs and not get paid for it. But Johnny is as good at hiding his sins as he is at playing football. And many more of his fans love him for it. When it comes to winning and when it comes work ethic, Johnny excels at both. He has the respect of those in his locker room because he puts in the work and he is rewarded on the field. After spending time with the boys, Ex legendary Aggie coach RC Slocum said you would not be able to spot any division in Texas A&M’s locker room unless someone came up and told you it was there.

Manziel comes from a rich oil family in Tyler, Texas so money doesn’t mean much to the 20 year old. He has no problem flashing up the money language sign symbol after scoring. He is the most anti-institutional college athlete I have ever witnessed but at the same time the most entertaining. Thus far, he has beat the NCAA at their own game and laughed in their face. And he will not change. Johnny will continue his antics. And his fans and haters will increase all the more on both sides.

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The only thing that can shut Johnny Football up in the college game is a loss or possibly a major injury. Then his fans will become his foes. But this kid is good. He reminds me a lot of the old western outlaw Billy the Kid. Billy was good with a gun and Johhny is good with his arm. At times, Billy was said to be personable and friendly and even dressed up nice. At times, Johnny wears a suit and is a polite young man (when he’s accepting a Heisman award). But I believe both men were/are experts in the party life. Billy was two faced when it came to his reputation. He carried a paradoxical image of being both a notorious outlaw and a folk hero. Johnny has already become a hated villain by many affiliated with the game of football yet a living legend at the same time.

Many believe former Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton beat the NCAA system and won a national championship by not getting caught. Will Johnny carry that same perception when this season is over? If so, he will have to carry his team to the Crystal Ball. His coach can’t control him. His dad can’t control him. He can’t even control himself but he’s good. Good like Billy the Kid good.

When you talk Johnny Heisman, you don’t know where to begin. Quite honestly, you don’t where to end either. There are too many tangents. It’s not 1 rabbit trail you are chasing. It’s a dozen and that count is increasing day by day. Love him or hate him, Johnny is not changing for you, me, or anyone else. He will continue to smack talk his opponents, ignore the coach’s advice, create new headlines, start trouble at a rival university’s (Texas) frat party, skip the Manning camp, point to the scoreboard, party hardy and under age drink, make off hand twitter comments, defy the NCAA odds, and the list goes on. And he does it and gets away with it because he’s crafty, talented, and arrogant. He’s a variety pack found all in one bag. All I know is this – I love to watch him play!

Aaron Dougherty is the SEC Football Beat Writer for All Sports Talk. Follow him on Twitter @adougherty689

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