The College Football Playoff Needs to be Revamped

This is a guest post by Justin Broyles. Justin is a senior in college with a passion for sports writing that he loves to share with the world.  Follow him on Twitter.

The NCAA implemented their first playoff system for the national championship but despite its perceived success, changes still need to be made.

The NCAA really shook up the college football landscape when they announced that there would be a playoff system replacing the previous BCS system. This was something that many in the sports news media had been clamoring for since the BCS system was implemented by the association. Last season, four teams were chosen by a committee to compete in this playoff and while it was a step forward, there is still some changes that need to be made.

The first issue that seemed to arise from the playoff’s first season was that teams were unfairly left out of the playoff. There were some teams that had lost their conference championship but, in some people’s minds they should not have been left out of the playoff simply because they lost one game. On the flip side of that coin, however, it could be seen as ridiculous that a team wins their conference championship but isn’t able to play for the national title.

The other issue that arose after this season was that there were simply not enough teams participating in the playoff system. There are five power conferences in division one football and only four teams that are able to participate in the playoff. Because of this, one conference will have to be left out of the playoff. That goes without even considering there could be at least two teams in one conference that are better than the other conference champions. It is hard to have a single committee make these decisions since there is usually not much variance between the national championship contenders.

There is at least one way that the system could be changed in order to fix some of these problems. The first solution would be to increase the number of teams that are allowed to play in the college football playoff. Switching the number of participants from four to eight seems like a fair decision. The playoff will not be a long ordeal and allow for all five power conferences to participate. To choose these teams, the first five spots should go to the power five conference champions. The other three spots could then be chosen by the committee that now selects every participating teams. The only condition would be that the team must be a member of division one. This would allow for every conference to be represented and a few select strong teams in other conferences to be included.

While this solution may not be the ultimate decision that the NCAA makes, the system as it currently is needs to be changed.

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