College Football Games to Watch

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There are hundreds of games ready to take place in the college football world this season but these games have a special appeal to the football fans.

Every year in college football, there are teams that are destined to go one to great success.  Sometimes, though, these teams will have to go through each other to achieve their expected success.  While there are many different things that can happen between now and when those teams meet, like injuries and coaching changes, it is still intriguing to analyze possible matchups between teams with the highest football rankings.

The first game to watch for comes with just a week into the college football season. Oklahoma and Houston will face off on September 3rd to kick off the season with a bang.  This game is one to watch for a variety of reasons, first of which being that these teams are very highly ranked.  Oklahoma is coming off a year where they played in the first ever FBS football playoff and are expected to be ranked in the top five.  Houston, on the other hand, is coming off their best season in years, including a big bowl win over Florida State. They are expected to be ranked in the top 20.  Another wrinkle that makes this game interesting is the fact that the Big 12, Oklahoma’s conference, is considering expansion, with Houston as their top choice. This could be Houston’s chance to make a big impression.

Another game to look forward to this season is Tennessee hosting the Florida Gators on September 24th. While these teams are both not that highly ranked compared to others, they are both expected to open the season in or on the brink of entering the top 25. What is interesting about this game, in particular, is that it is an age-old rivalry between the two deep SEC schools.  Both are also on the rise, with many looking for Tennessee to turn the corner this year with a ton of young talent while Florida is entering their second season under a new head coach. With both schools becoming prominent again, this could be the first step in seeing a huge college football rivalry revived.

The final game to look forward to is the Michigan and Ohio State game in Columbus November 26th. This game will be carried by almost every sports news outlet as possibly the best game of the season. Both Michigan and Ohio State are coming off of strong seasons with a ton of talent, likely putting both inside the top ten to start the season.  And even if they do not live up to those rankings, this game is one of the oldest and most brutal rivalries in all of the sports. It will certainly be one to tune into before the college postseason begins.

Even if everything doesn’t work out with these teams, the games that they will play against each other will certainly be some of the best football to be played this season.

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