NBA Draft Lottery Draw Win – Can the Cavs Capitalize On It ?

For the second time in three years the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the NBA Draft Lottery.  Now they have to be sure to make the most of the opportunity.  So which player will the Cavs select for that sought after spot.

Still devastated after the loss of LeBron James to Miami Heat they cannot afford to make any mistakes.  They already have the 2011 No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving as guard who has come a long way from being Rookie of the Year to an All Star and now, after winning the lottery, they have the rights to the top overall pick in the draft on June 28 in New York.  Following the Cavaliers, Magic will pick second and the Washington Wizards third. Charlotte, Phoenix, New Orleans and Sacramento will get picks 4-7.

If the Cavs pick correctly and they manage to find a star, they could well be in a great position for the next decade but make a mistake and they could find themselves doomed to mediocrity.  That’s how important this is.  They will however have a second pick thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers which isn’t quite so important but none-the-less, finding a suitable player late in the drafts will give them a massive advantage.

Maybe the Cavs will select Nerlens Noel who would definitely fill a need.  This will give them a top-four draft pick from the previous three seasons slotted in a point guard, shooting guard, power forward and center, but would leave a big problem at small forward – a spot currently occupied by Alonzo Gee which of course is not great although he is a perfectly capable player – just really stretched to beyond his current capabilities last season.  He would be okay if he were coming off the bench.

I am convinced that the Cavs should be looking out for a good defender who can cover  the defensive shortcomings of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.  They need a first-rate three-point shooter who can stretch the floor.  This would help against the drive-and-kick capabilities of Irving and Waiters.  A versatile wing who can fit in whether it be a traditional lineup or when the Cavs go small.

There are a few guys that might be available at or around that spot – Reggie Bullock from North Carolina for one.  If he isn’t available then Kentavious Caldwell-Pope out of Georgia could well be considered, but he should be second choice if Bullock is not available.

The Cavs already have their starting 4 and 5 in Thompson and Anderson Varejao , but as  Varejao is a constant injury risk, Nerlens Noel still seems like the best pick.

Other options – well maybe Rudy Gobert, Greg Oden, Dwight Howard or Allen Crabbe.  They need to take their time and carefully consider their many options but for sure, it’s going to be interesting to see which way they finally go.

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