Coach: Durant has ‘no shot’ at scoring title

Updated: April 17, 2013, 9:58 AM ET

The dramatic story line is there, but the scoring title tale won’t have a happy ending for Kevin Durant, according to his coach.

Durant needs 70 points against the Milwaukee Bucks in the season finale to stretch his run of scoring titles to four seasons.

“He has no shot,” Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks said, according to the Oklahoman. “I guarantee you he won’t get it.”

It’s not that Brooks has no confidence in his star. He just wants to limit the minutes of his starters with the playoffs looming. Brooks gives Durant credit for caring more about a championship than a scoring title.

“I give Kevin a lot of credit,” Brooks said, according to the newspaper, “because maybe 10 games ago, if he was really focused on trying to get it four years in a row, he could have got it easily.”

Durant is averaging 28.1 points to Carmelo Anthony’s 28.7, but the Thunder forward has played in 14 more games.

The final game looked like a lot of fun on paper. Could Durant pull off what some other stars of the past have done? David Robinson scored 71 on the last day of the 1993-94 season to edge Shaquille O’Neal for title. David Thompson scored 73 in the last game oft the 1978-79 season to take the scoring lead, only to see George Gervin drop 63 later that night to capture the crown.

Even if he played an entire game, however, Durant’s game is not based solely on scoring. His career high is 52, so 70 would be a stretch, but not something his coach thinks would be out of the realm of possibility if he wasn’t trying to do it all.

“Many times … he was trying to get a triple-double,” Brooks said, according to the newspaper. “And when you try to get 10 assists, that means you’re not trying to score.”

On Tuesday, reporters told Durant they would love to see him go for the title.

“All right,” Durant said. “I’ll try to get 70.”

He likely won’t get the chance.

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