Monta Ellis in Atlanta Would Be A Smarter Choice Than Lakers, Mavs

This is a guest post by Erica Blackburn. Erica is a graduating senior at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia seeking her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism. She writes complementary articles for emPower magazine and has written for her college newspaper, Hampton Script, for the sports section. She is passionate about sports, in particular football and in her free time, she enjoys to read, watch documentaries, blog and online shop.


Well, guard Monta Ellis kept his word. After being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2012, Ellis made it clear that he was “bolting” Milwaukee and he confirmed just that after announcing he was opting out of the 1-year $11 million left on his contract. So Ellis will be seeking a new home next month and free agency and the question is where will that be?

There are reports that Ellis is interested in teaming up with Dwight Howard. There are reports that Ellis is interested in signing with the Sacramento Kings. There are even reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in signing Ellis (which would be virtually impossible unless the Lakers work out a sign-and-trade with the Bucks).

There are other rumors and reports out there stating that the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks are interested in acquiring Ellis as well.

First thing, the Kings wouldn’t be a logical fit for Ellis. He doesn’t feel the need for the Kings. The combination of DeMarcus Cousins and Ellis with no real veteran leader in the locker room will turn into a mess.

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Also, Ellis isn’t what you would call a “point guard”. He has the body of a point guard, but the mentality of a shooting guard. Compared to other point guards, his assist average ranks him rather low. Plus, Tyreke Evans already fills the shooting guard position for the Kings.

I already stated that the sign-and-trade with the Bucks would be the only way LA acquires Ellis. It will also not be a smart move by Jim Buss. The only reason I would see the Lakers getting Ellis is to entice Howard to stay in Hollywood.

But did they forget about that guy, you know number 24, who is recovering from an Achilles injury and is expected back? I can tell you now, Ellis and Kobe Bryant on the floor at the same time is a bigger disaster than him with the Kings. This deal is a long-shot but worth the talk.


The Dallas Mavericks wouldn’t bod well with Ellis either. Dirk Nowitzki is their guy and that could pose potential problems for Ellis, who launched more shots than any player other than Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony last season. If the Mavs acquire Ellis, he would have to change his mentality and approach to the game, which I don’t see happening.

So at this point, the only fit I see for Ellis is Atlanta.

Since the Hawks lost Joe Johnson in free agency last summer, the Hawks were in dire need of a shooting guard. With Josh Smith expected to explore his free agency options, the Hawks have the funds to fill Josh Smith spot if they in fact acquire Ellis.  I think Jeff Teague and Ellis will work well together and maybe that could entice Howard in signing with the Hawks. But you never know with him.

Ellis is a very explosive, streaky scorer who plays inconsistent defense. He is somewhat of a ballhog but with Teague, he won’t have to worry about passing the ball much. My only concern is the fact that I’m not sure if Ellis is the type of player to lead the Hawks passed the first round of the playoffs. If he wants to be apart of a championship caliber team, he is going to have to change his mentality of  “I’m going to get mine!”

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