The Hottest And Latest Trade Rumors Around The NBA


The rumor mill is spinning like crazy as of lately in the NBA. Lots of teams are counting their powers, exploring the market and also planning their next moves. Lots of trade rumors have emerged in the surface, some of them can be considered as true while others have nothing to do with reality. Some teams in the NBA, like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic are expected to be active during those two weeks that are left prior to the February 20 trade deadline.

The Philadelphia 76ers is actively trying to shop three players, Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner. The Sixers seem to be more eager to trade away Turner, as he is a valuable, young asset and the team could greatly benefit from his trade. Lots of teams around the league are interested in the 25-year old forward but Philadelphia reportedly doesn’t include him in its plans for the future. Thaddeus Young is another solid piece for the 76ers. In general, Philadelphia has a clear target, to rebuild around Michael Carter-Williams and the injured big man rookie, Nerlens Noel. We can expect them to make a move during the next days.

The Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic have been involved in lots of trade rumors as of lately. The C’s reportedly have strong interest in Utah Jazz’s emerging forward Gordon Hayward, who has strong ties with the Head Coach of the team, Brad Stevens. The rumors around Rajon Rondo have been silenced, at least for now. It seems like Rondo could be a centerpiece for the Celtics in a potential quick rebuilding process.

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Orlando has been receiving lots of calls for Arron Afflalo, who is recording a breakaway season. Nonetheless, the Magic mainly want to shop Glen Davis and Jameer Nelson. The Denver Nuggets are still searching for a way to deal Andre Miller and the Houston Rockets have yet to find a team to deal Omer Asik to. In general, this is a period where lots of discussions are made but very few deals are sealed. Most teams, under the pressure of the new CBA, are searching for young, cheap and emerging talent instead of overpaid, overrated stars who might fill the arenas but won’t actually help the team win.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one vivid example of how stars might never build chemistry together and how star power is not enough for a team to win. Injuries, chemistry issues and age have been the three main reasons the team has been struggling since the beginning of last season.

Now, the Lakers seem to be ready to trade away Pau Gasol, with the Phoenix Suns being the top candidates for his acquisition. At the same time, the rumors which state that Kevin Love will join the team are becoming stronger each day. A general manager of an NBA team, who preferred to keep his identity hidden, stated that Kevin Love should be considered a lock for LA. Love is expected to become a member of the Lakers in the summer of 2015, when he will have a termination option in his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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