The 10 Do’s & Don’ts of Going to a Baseball Game


This Blog Post was written by Hayden Faram on behalf of a well-known sports promotion agency called SCA Promotions. Hayden has written for many other blogs in many different industries and loves to write. Hayden loved to play any kind of sport in his free time.

The Don’ts

1.       Don’t interfere with the game

There have been many cases of fans deflecting, catching, and picking up fly or foul balls that were still in-play or catchable by a fielder. There are areas in a ballpark where both spectators and fielders are legally allowed to catch a ball, but it is not a good idea to take advantage this. Interfering with game play could change the outcome of a game and result in people hating you forever.

Throwing of trash on the field is unnecessary and can be a distraction to both fans and players. Most people in attendance are there to watch the game and could do without game delays for trash cleanup.

 2.       Don’t touch your face when your team is loosing

This rule applies to pretty much every professional sporting event. Unless you want to end up on television, keep your hands away from your face when your team is losing. Cameramen are always looking for a dramatic shot. If you watch enough games, you will realize that every time a team is down a few points or the game is close towards the end, there will always be a shot of some fan with their hands covering their mouth or peeking through the space between their fingers coving their eyes.

 3.       Don’t steal homers or foul balls

Every fan wants to catch a ball that lands into the stands. It is so sad to see fans almost kill each other or manhandle their kid’s to grab a ball, but there is nothing worse than seeing someone steal a ball from a kid. It is every kid’s dream to take home a game ball that’s hit into the stands. Don’t crush their dreams by stealing the ball from them. You’re an adult and you should know better. It’s just not right, so don’t do it.

4.       Don’t trash the field

Throwing trash on the field is unnecessary and can be a distraction to fans and players alike. Most people in attendance are there to watch the game and could do without game delays for trash cleanup.

 5.       Don’t act like you could do a better job than the manager or GM

Team managers have been chosen for a reason. They were hired to make in-game decisions, not you. If you think you could make better decisions than the manager, then by all means interview for the position, but keep all your managing critiques to yourself or for a private conversation with you friends. Leave the managing to the managers. Remember, they make the big bucks for a reason. You don’t see them showing up to your place of work and telling you how to do your job, so please give them the same courtesy.

6.       Don’t block the view of the people behind you

Everyone bought a ticket and deserves to see the game. Huge signs and hats that block the view of people sitting behind you are just downright obnoxious. Have some respect for the people sitting behind you.

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The Do’s

1.       Bring cash

You don’t get the full experience of a baseball game without spending some dough on food and drinks. It is a good idea to bring some cash with you to purchase your game day items and avoid ATM fees. All ballpark vendors take cash, but not all of them except cards or checks.

 2.       Wear team gear

It’s fun to dress up for games and support your team by wearing team branded merchandise. If you don’t have any team gear, you can always purchase a shirt or hat at the game. Hats are almost a necessity during afternoon games to block out the sun.

3.       Have fun and enjoy the game

It’s time look up from your smartphones, relax, and enjoy the game. There are so many things that make going to a baseball game enjoyable, but you can always find ways to make it more enjoyable like tailgating with your friends before the game or bringing someone special with you.

4.       Keep the chatter clean

This is a family game; there is no need for profanity. There are over a million words in the English language, so choose the words that don’t make you look like an idiot.

Professional players are supposed to ignore fan chatter crowd noise, but players are people too and every person has a breaking point. Try not to irritate the players so much that they can’t concentrate on playing. This is not an easy game to play at the professional level. Players can often become frustrated and it does not help when fans harass them. Chatter is a part of baseball, but be respectful to other fans and keep the game running smoothly.

5.       Be respectful during the national anthem

Always stand and remove your hat when the national anthem plays. You can sit and wear your hat for the rest of the game if you’d like, but during the national anthem, all present should stand facing the flag, or face the music if the flag is not present, with their right hand over their heart. Unless you are in military uniform, you should remove your hat a hold it over your left shoulder so your right hand is still over your heart.

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