Should Yasiel Puig be Considered for the All-Star Game?


Three weeks into his MLB career, and Yasiel Puig is already making waves – although it’s not really his fault.  With the NBA & NHL season’s recently wrapped up and the NFL season still months away, the only thing left for sports fans to do in the middle of summer is argue about who should be an All-Star selection and who shouldn’t be.

Never one to shy away from an argument, we here at All Sports Talk have compiled a list of arguments stating conclusively why Yasiel Puig should not be an All-Star. Ultimately, the vote will be left up to the fans, but if it were up to us, we say “no way.”

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All Star Selections are a Huge Honor

While the fans provide the majority of the votes for All-Star selections, the honor of being selected is an accomplishment that is highly revered by both players and baseball analysts.  Giving such an honor to a player who has been in the league for less than a month is ludicrous.  There are some unwritten rules of baseball, and even though this one might not be widely enforced, there are some things you just have to wait for, no matter how much of a star you become. If Yasiel Puig is truly worthy of an All-Star selection, he will play well enough next year to receive the selection.

Three Weeks does not a Season Make

Granted, it’s not Puig’s fault that he has only had three weeks with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but if we started handing out All-Star selections every time someone went on a 2 or 3 week hot streak, there wouldn’t be enough room on the roster. I’m not saying that Puig will not keep up his hot hitting throughout the season (although it is highly unlikely), we’re just saying that no matter what point in your career, a three week stretch doesn’t mean a whole lot – good or bad.

We are as enamored with Puig as any baseball fan out there, but we truly believe that MLB All-Star selections shouldn’t be handed out so cavalierly. He has had a great start to his career, and the best is possibly still to come – but it still doesn’t merit an All-Star selection. If he continues his hot hitting, he will no doubt be under strong consideration for the Rookie of the Year award, but if he wants to truly be voted in as an All-Star, he’s going to have to wait until next year.

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