Dombrowski: Tigers likely done dealing

DETROIT — Dave Dombrowski shrouds his intentions as well as any general manager in baseball. Even so, the Detroit Tigers‘ president and GM sounded like an executive who doesn’t have another deal in the works.

Dombrowski will certainly talk and listen, but he didn’t sound like he had anything looming as Wednesday’s 4 p.m. ET non-waiver Trade Deadline loomed.

“I don’t foresee any other moves,” Dombrowski said Tuesday. “Could we make other moves? Perhaps. We continue to talk to clubs about various things, but I don’t want anybody sitting on the edge of their seat, nor do I want our club thinking we’re definitely going to do something.

“We accomplished what we needed to accomplish at this point, what we wanted to accomplish. And so we’re in a position where we’re happy as we go forward.”

On Monday, the Tigers acquired reliever Jose Veras from the Houston Astros in exchange for outfield prospect Danry Vasquez and a player to be named.

If the Tigers do something else, it sounds very much like it would be for another relief pitcher, likely a lefty. Multiple reports have had the Tigers in talks with the Giants for veteran southpaw Javier Lopez. The Giants have been scouting Tigers pitchers at Double-A Erie, where up-and-coming right-hander Drew VerHagen has drawn attention from multiple clubs that have talked with the Tigers.

Other lefties believed to be on the market include Joe Thatcher in San Diego, Mike Dunn in Miami and James Russell with the Cubs.

The Indians, another club that was in the mix for Perez, addressed their need Tuesday afternoon by acquiring Mark Rzepczynski from the Cardinals. Whether it opens an opportunity for the Tigers to make their move is questionable.

“There’s a lot of people looking at bullpen help, and pitching help in general,” Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski said the Tigers are comfortable with their lefty relievers.

“Yes, we’re comfortable,” he said. “[Drew] Smyly’s pitched great. [Phil] Coke has been inconsistent. I mean, everybody knows that. At times, he’s tremendous. Three out of his four outings since the All-Star break have been very good.

“It’s hard to find somebody that has better stuff than Phil Coke. We know he can pitch in a pennant race. We’ve seen him do that and be very efficient. Hopefully the inconsistencies stop.”

Dombrowski all but ruled out a deal to add an offensive player.

“We’re not looking for a bat,” Dombrowski said. “Again, if somebody drops something on your lap that you’re not anticipating being there, which happens sometimes in the last 24 hours … you never can tell what happens. But we’re not aggressively seeking that.”

That would seem to rule out the expectation among other clubs that the Tigers would make a last-minute attempt to trade for a shortstop who could fill in for Jhonny Peralta if he’s suspended for any involvement in the Biogenesis investigation.

Dombrowski declined comment on Peralta’s situation, saying again that it’s a matter for Major League Baseball to handle and that he’s not in a position to discuss it. Nor would he talk about contingency plans the Tigers might have if Peralta is suspended.

When asked about what depth the Tigers might have if they needed a shortstop in a pinch, Dombrowski listed his internal options.

“We have depth in the infield,” Dombrowski said. “Argenis Diaz is an outstanding defensive shortstop. He can really pick the ball at short. [Danny] Worth is playing second base; we know he can play shortstop. [Ramon] Santiago can go over there and play.

“You’re not going to get the offense from any of them that you would get [from Peralta] on a regular basis. So we have some depth in that regard.”

Both Diaz and Worth have spent the season at Triple-A Toledo. Worth has spent several stints in Detroit as a reserve, while Diaz has been stuck in Toledo since 2011.

The option not listed there was Hernan Perez, the rookie who has filled in at second base the last couple weeks with Omar Infante on the disabled list. Perez has played nearly as many Minor League games at shortstop as he has at second base, including 27 at Erie this season before fellow prospect Eugenio Suarez was promoted.

“Can Perez go over there? That’s a good question that I don’t really know the answer,” Dombrowski said. “He’s played primarily second base this year. He’s played shortstop in the past. We switched him over to second. I think he’s going to be an outstanding defensive second baseman, all-around second baseman.

“Is he a shortstop for the future? I don’t really know that answer. Could he be? Maybe.”

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