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Week 6

We did pretty well in picking our easy one last week.  The Phillies breezed through their 6 game schedule, posting a 4-2 record – just like we said they would. The Cardinals split their series with the Marlins and took 2/3 from the Brewers to remain on top of the NL Central. The White Sox split their six games, going 3-3 and the Orioles lost 6/7 (which is actually worse than we thought).  Oh well, we are back on track with our ability to pick the teams who will do well and the teams who won’t.  Your confidence in our Bandwagon Report should be blossoming right about now.

Good Team + Easy Upcoming Schedule = No Brainer

  • Colorado Rockies – We turn our gaze towards Denver for this week’s No Brainer. The Rockies are matched up against a pair of last place teams in the Mets and Padres – both series at home.  This little six game stretch could be exactly what the Rockies needed as their lead in the NL West is down to just a single game (as of 5/9/11).  The Rockies should be able to go 4-2 this week, hopefully opening up a little breathing room atop their division.

Decent Record + Tough Schedule = Low Confidence

  • Texas Rangers – Remember when the Rangers were the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Remember when they were going to run away with the division in April?  Well losing 6 out of 8 to start May isn’t exactly striking fear into opponent’s hearts anymore.  They face the Division leading Angels and second-place A’s this upcoming week in which we will get to see if the Rangers belong in any early playoff discussions.  I could see the Rangers going 2-4 this week and to be honest, I’m not inclined to even predict them splitting at 3-3.  Not a good time to be a Rangers fan this week.

Marginal Team + Fairly Easy Schedule = Root at Your Own Risk

  • Red Sox – Before the season began, this team was an early frontrunner to make the World Series.  Two weeks later, we were questioning their every off-season move and dooming them to suffer as in the days of the Ruthian curse.  Well they have bounced back (for the most part) but still need some help to even get to .500.  This week is a difficult one for them in some regards because of the fact that they have to play a Blue Jays team that can play great ball at times, and a Yankees team who is currently leading the division – both series’ are on the road.  The Bosox bandwagon has gotten significantly lighter in the past couple of months, and I expect it to lose a few more after this week.  Predicting a 3-3 split, but not optimistic about their chances against the Yankees.

Bad Team + Tough Schedule = Avoid Like the Plague

  • Arizona Diamondbacks – You would be hard pressed to find a truly “Bad” team this year, since most teams with a losing record are hovering in the .400 range – so we will go with the Diamondbacks this week.  They have to face the top of the Giants pitching rotation which won’t help their offense at all, and then face the Dodgers who have given them heaps of trouble in the past few seasons.  I see the D’Backs losing both series, so best case scenario, they go 2-4. I’m going to take it a step further and predict 1-5.

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