Matt Kemp to Have Shoulder Surgery

Matt Kemp will have exploratory surgery on his left shoulder labrum on Friday.  Kemp injured the shoulder after running into the center field wall at Coors Field, back in late August.  The shoulder was apparently giving him some pain, but he never let on how much. The surgery, as it stands will have the slugger out for six weeks – if any damage is found, the recovery period could stretch to four months.

New addition to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Adrian Gonzales has been there before.  Gonzales had his shoulder surgically repaired in 2010.

“It wasn’t that tough for me,” Gonzalez said. “You just have to trust it, take it slow and not try to get back at a certain time. I didn’t have a lot of power in April, but I got hits and everything. Once May rolled around, I felt pretty good.”

When asked how he felt, going into the procedure, Kemp stated that he was nervous.  If anything, this has to have Dodger fans feeling better about the way that Kemp ended the season.  He went 0-10 with 7 K’s in the final series against the San Francisco Giants, probably due in some part to his injured shoulder.  Regardless of the complexity of the surgery, Kemp will be ready to play in time for Spring Training, which kicks off in March of 2013.

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